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What kind of Bindi is used in this picture ? When I tried this with vermillion powder , it fades after some time. I have seen many people using this. What exactly can it be ? I tried it with sindhoor.. but it fades like after some time.


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  1. you can try kumkum liquid bindi. i dont know whether its available now a days or not. might be you can get in small beauty stores. we used these liquid bindis in dance performance in school time.

  2. Try a usual sticker bindi in bright red colour. Else you can try Shringar liquid sindoor to make the round. It is available in black, maroon and bright red colour. Costs just Rs.10, but is not waterproof, so smudges with sweat

  3. try Shilp kumkum in maroon red it doesn’t fade and gives the same color but its a challange to do bindi exact round lk tis :p…or else try shilpa No. 6 in maroon color or simple red color

  4. shringar liquid is wt i try wn i wear typical mallu kasavu sari it goes very well wid the luks & lasts for longer unless u accidently rub it 🙁

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