Show and Ask: How To Make A Simple Hair Bun

Show and Ask: How To Make A Simple Hair Bun

Sanya Shows and Asks:

Hello Helpful Ladies,

I have been struggling with matters of femininity since I have been very little, as anything “girly” was poked fun at by my brother and friends. You see, I was a tomboy who went on in life to become an automobile engineer. So, without a mum or sister or girlfriends to introduce me to the world of makeup, I’ve been a bit of a “late lateef.” But this is a question unrelated to makeup, but very much related to my lack of self-prettying up skills. I request you to help me before I lose my mind. Thank you. πŸ™‚

How To Make a Hair Bun

On the left is a picture of what my hair currently looks like. On the right is how I would like to have it. In a simple bun that doesn’t keep unraveling. Something simple and small, not overtly poofy. In fact, I like minimal volume with buns. Big buns look weird on me.

Thank you all for your help!

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69 thoughts on “Show and Ask: How To Make A Simple Hair Bun

  1. hi…makin high buns is the easiest,, ask me i made them for 9 years when i flew with an airline !u make a pony high or as low as u wanna go…now divide the pony into two and turn one section clockwise and one anticlockwise to get the lovely doughnut or figure eight kind of thing.. secure with u pins and u a ready to rock n roll.. it helps if use hairspray … the hair sets really well

      1. oh i have a lot of these lil gems with me!!when u have to wake up at 3 am n dash out by 330 u tend to be resourceful

          1. @Shweta…wow i’m gonna try making a bun ..sounds like so easy now..Why don;t u write articles?it will be so helpful for others πŸ™‚

            1. i made enuff buns in those years… no i rarely ever make work its usually a pnytail or loose hair…

  2. we used to do something called a thai bun too…that is u make a tight lowish panytail.. then make a depression above ur scrunchie and take all of ur hair hanging in the pony n insert it into the depression.. works best with hair which is upto the shoulder blades n looks chic!

  3. thank u.. im nt much a of writer actually… for daily use i leave my hair gt ruined when it was in bun for all the years i flew…im glad to share whatever i know though!

  4. me too.. my hair is below waist.. it looked like an inverted beehive on me hehe.. but if ur hair is nt very thick it may work..

  5. for a tomboy-turned-automobile engineer…you havent turned out :toothygrin: badly in the looks department (ask me….i know loadsss of my fellow engineers who look like they never look into a mirror 😐 )

    1. Oopsii…Me too an Engr..but at times look into the mirror.. :preen:

      I love to dress up & xperiment with looks..when ppl come to knw that me an engr come out as big surprise for ’em..& have heard the reaction many times frm candid frnds..” Oh engr…par lagti to nahi :chewnails: ” Guess they xpect engrs to be like.. :dumb:

  6. with such gorgeous hair, why do you want to tie it up in a bun :nababana: :nababana: :nababana: :nababana: ….hehe….
    i once stumbled upon a youtube video, wherein a girl was demonstrating one such bun….she first made a pony, then she stuck up a readymade artificial hair donut into it,,,and just pinned the hair around it….no twisting the hair, and it was ready in 2 mins flat….try searching for airhostess hairstyles on youtube….ya, but i dunno where we can get that donut from….

  7. tht donut is avlb insingapore and all southasian countries.. but taht looks very fake trust me on singapore and in london u get this net like thing which wraps itself around the ponytail n then u just need to twist n secure!but in my exp the dividing ponytail works best. i have more or less done a phd in them being an ex airhostess

    1. Shweta, thanx a tin for the ponytail wala tip. and gurl u shud do tutes on making buns.

      Sanya, u look gud and have such beautiful tresses, why do u want to tie them in a bun….

    1. very simple… hair spray clips and tight ponytails.. u get something called invisible pins if u r in bbay.. they r very minute pins which hold ur layers in place ask any airline or hotel personeel n they have a wealth of info

  8. Sanya…Looking at your silky straight hair..You gotta be more careful in holding the bun the such kinda hair is rebellious & dun like to follow any hairdo.. :haanji:

    I used to have very silky Crowning Glory..& once I tried loose bun with churidaar & fixed one ethnic leather clip over it..& right in the party hair became itchy to come out & I had to go to the washroom to re-fix the bun.. :pigtail:

    And you look Drop Dead Gorgeous…Out & Out Model Material.. :jaiho:

    1. Mera Easter bahoot anandpoorvak tha…..bahoot khaya :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: mansahaari bhojan :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

      1. Abhi next Sunday mere yahan pe 22 logoka Bhojan-Utsav hai…Yesterday made 30 Garlic Naans…Abhi making 30 Green Naans for that.. :jalwa: Saturday having big budday bash at frnds..Next Monday main Guddi Maaruti ban jaaongi.. :dumb:

      1. Ab phir se ‘leek’ phir se.. :waaa: Ye Mr/Ms moderator ki pasand aur naa-pasand ka list ek baar post karo aap..phir we wuld sing for him/her..”Jo tumko ho pasandd wo hi baatttt karengeeee” :whistle:

        1. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: actually, main hee hoon….Ms. Moderator…..for not getting your comments in “unapproved mode”….aaapko har comment se pehle yeh kehna padega…..Jomol ki jai ho….2 times…bas :smug: :shy: :shy: :shy:

              1. shilpa, just make sure whtever comment u type, avoid X rated words πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
                I wont give many eg.s as then my comment will go in moderation too πŸ˜›
                but 1 is like u shud write n*de…
                another reason for comments going into moderation is when u post a link πŸ™‚

                1. Xactly…I write N*ude…kabhi kabhi to bina wajah ke * likh deti hoon..for safety sake.. :toothygrin: & link to post karna hi bandh kar diya..but phir bhi.. :scream:

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                    1. Shilpa…..nupuriz ekdum sacchi bol rahin hai…..aaap “highly inflammable” comments ke antarghat aati hain :hihi: :hihi:

            1. Seriously Nupur…Aap padho mera uparwala Namaste…kya haanikaarak/ashlil/bibhats shabd the usme… :specs: Achche bhale Easter ka naam bhi nahi le sakte kya..Now I wish ye comment bhi modu naa ho jaaye.. :spank:

                    1. Spank ke uparwala comment phir se moderation me…aur Jai Ho wala do do baar… :jaiho:

                    2. Agreed Nupur @ Spammers…but uska logic samaj nahi aata…Shudhdh Shakaahaari comments chali jaati hai in moderation.. :headbang:

                    3. Anyways…Meri Pyaari Saheliyon..Naan is waiting for me..Yeast ke bulbule uchhal uchhal ke mujhe pukaar rahe hain.. :toothygrin:

    1. woh toh honi hi tha..i have a phd in super quck makeup and bun o logy .!jab subah teen baje uthke 330 tak ghar ke bahaar nuikalna hota toh yeh sab toh aa hi jata hain..

      1. 3:00 am rozzzzz…… uthna… :chewnails:

        half an hour mein get ready+MAKEUP…..???? Muzheee bhi seekhna hai….. :waaa: :waaa:

    1. netime sanya glad to help.i actually just looked at ur blog n i like they way u think… just the way i do.. be nice to everyone.. it feels good too

      1. Thank you, Shweta! Being nice makes me feel light and airy inside. It does feel like a mental and emotional spa treatment.
        Keep visiting. πŸ™‚

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