Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash-Review

Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash-Review

Dear Beauties,

Finally I am back and with a news:) I have recently moved to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia since my hubby is currently on an assignment here. Due to all the shifting and packing I did not get much time to write but now that I am in KL and finally getting settled down will definitely start writing and doing more tutorials regularly.

Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash

Today I will review a body wash which was gifted to me by my SIL from UK. I have been using this body wash for quite sometime now and definitely like it a lot. Before going further with the review lets see some benefits of Macadamia Nuts and oil. Did you know Macadamia Nuts contain 72% oil? Wow these would be wonderfully moisturizing for extreme dry skins. I have only used these nuts in my baking but macadamia nut oil is widely used in anti ageing lotions and also has anti inflammatory properties which makes it good for blemish prone and sensitive skin.

Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash5

My experience with Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash:

Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash comes in a cream colored plastic bottle with a flip cap. The cap shuts quite tight so I find it quite travel friendly. No spills or leakage. The bottle contains 300ml of product and has entire list of ingredients mentioned. The body wash itself is light cream in color and has a shiny look to it. The consistency is quite runny like a lotion and spreads easily.

Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash3

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The fragrance is nothing like macadamia nuts but its more floral and sweet. Its not too heavy so those who have sensitive nose would not mind it. Also the fragrance does not linger on for long, it stays for about an hour after bath. The body wash foams up well, not too much and not too little so its perfect. It does moisturize the skin pretty well but extreme dry skinned gals would definitely need extra moisturizer after this. Also this may not provide enough moisture during winters. Overall its a decent body wash.

Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash2

Pros of Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash:

Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash4

-> Packaging is good and sturdy for travelling
-> The consistency is quite runny so it easily dispenses which is not the case with thick lotions
-> Foams up pretty well
-> Floral soothing fragrance
-> Entire ingredient list is mentioned on the bottle
-> Contains goodness of glycerine and macadamia nut oil
-> Moisturizes well during summers so no need for extra moisturizer
-> Cleanses well

Cons of Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash:

-> Not available to India
-> The fragrance does not linger for long time
-> Contains loads of chemicals
-> Extreme dry skin may require extra layer of moisturizer

IMBB Rating:-

3.5 out of 5

Do I recommend Siana Macadamia Oil Body Wash? Its a decent body wash and definitely you could give it a try but its nothing special so you won’t be missing anything either. Also we have many similar body washes in the market.

Hope the review was helpful, until next time tc and stay beautiful


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