8 Side Effects of Liposuction



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How are you all? I am doing good and hope everything is doing good at your end. Well, today, we would be talking about liposuction. Liposuction is one among the most common procedures that can help to remove extra fat from the body through surgery. According to the experts and dermatologists, Liposuction is generally performed on the buttocks, upper arms, back, stomach, thighs, and breasts. The results are not much satisfactory, but it will surely help to remove the excess fat from the body.

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Well, we all have been told that liposuction is an easy process, but do you know what are the side effects of this process? Before you give this a try, you should always consider the side effects of liposuction.

1. Loose skin:

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Most of the people have complained about having loose or sagging skin after undergoing the liposuction process. Your skin would be firm for at least 4-6 months after liposuction, but after then, you will observe your skin slowly losing its elasticity. However, some patients regain the elasticity after practicing few home remedies or getting body massages while others fail to do. Having sag or loose skin is quite a common complaint of liposuction.

2. Inflammation on the treated area:

Inflammation or swelling is one among the most common symptoms that you may suffer from after going under the knife. Liposuction gives you the same negative effect which is also associated with other processes. Experts say that inflammation may last for 3-4 months and should be treated under expert advice.

3. Numbness of skin:

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Generally, before undergoing the liposuction process, your skin or that particular area is numbed by the expert. The numbness is done for that particular period so that liposuction can be carried out without any difficulty. However, the numbness goes on extending, and your skin returns back to its originality after some time. It may take 2-4 months for your skin to come back to normal.

4. Skin burns:

Skin burns can be one among the most common yet worst side effects of the liposuction. 30 percent people who undergo liposuction process experience intense skin burns on the treated area. Skin burns can generally become worse after a month. You should always choose the expert with caution as it may affect your skin in many ways.

5. Bruising:

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Bruising is another common side effect of the liposuction process. There is always a chance that your capillaries beneath the skin get damaged due to the liposuction process. Due to the damage to these small blood vessels, it may lead to the formation of bruises on the skin. Consult your doctor to treat the bruises in order to prevent serious problems.

6. Infections:

Skin infections may be rare after liposuction, but there are chances that you may suffer from infections. Infections can take place only when proper precautions are not taken while carrying out the process.

7. Allergic reactions:

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Because anesthesia is given during the process of liposuction, it may lead to allergic reactions. Anesthesia may prove to be extremely dangerous for people who are especially allergic to it. It is estimated that 2 people out of 10,000 who undergo liposuction may suffer from allergic reactions.

8. Fat embolism:

If a piece of fat is not fixed properly or breaks, it may gather near the blood vessels or in your lungs. Sometimes, loose or broken fats may also travel to the route of the brain. This can generally increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes in a person.

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