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How are you all? I am doing good and going to talk about side effects of permanent hair straightening. Permanent hair straightening is one among the most common hair styling methods that majority of the woman opts for. Most of us dream to get the best kind of tresses but styling them regularly is not possible. So, the easiest and budget-friendly method to make your hair look good and stylish is permanent hair straightening. Permanent hair straightening lasts for a few months and, then, should be redone.

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Well, if you are thinking to opt for permanent hair straightening, you should consider these side effects before doing so.

1. Hair fall:

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Yes, hair fall is the harsh reality behind permanent hair straightening. In spite of following a hygienic and good hair care routine, hair fall is something you will experience after permanent hair straightening. The condition gets worse with the use of improper chemicals and following the improper technique for it. Using a hot iron on the hair may weaken the hair follicles, thus, leading to hair fall problems. It may take a lot of months and, sometimes, years for your hair to come back to its original avatar.

2. Dry hair:

Another common risk associated with permanent hair straightening is dry hair. Continuous use of hot iron on hair may dehydrate your hair, thus, leaving your scalp dry and parched. You should make sure that the expert does not apply chemical directly on the roots. It is advised that chemical should be applied after they leave a centimeter gap from the roots. Chemicals on roots may weaken them and also leave them dehydrated. The condition gets worse if you already have dry hair.

3. Itchy scalp:

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Due to a special kind of chemical used while hair straightening, it can, sometimes, lead to itchy scalp and dandruff problem as well. Besides this, the natural oil present on the scalp reacts with dandruff, thus, leading to infection. Most of the woman also experience fungal infection on the scalp which gets worse later. In such cases, you should consider visiting the doctor.

4. Damage to original texture:

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Once you have opted for permanent hair straightening method, your hair is no more original! Yes, the hot iron used in the process may transform your tresses completely. Not only it straightens your hair but you end up losing the original texture of the hair. This may look bad sometimes, if not maintained properly.

5. Boring look:

You may have opted for permanent hair straightening to get a new look, but you need to maintain it for a long time. You need to stick to the hairstyles which would suit your straight hair. And, if the process has gone wrong, it will lead to a hairstyle disaster. In order to get back to original texture and style, you will need to grow hair which will take more than 6-8 months.

6. Split end problem:

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This is an insensitive reality of permanent hair straightening. Once you have opted for hair straightening, you may face other hair problems along with the problem of split ends. Yes, hair straightening can leave you with dry and split ends, which generally happens due to the chemical used in the treatment. In order to prevent this, you should keep trimming your hair quite often.

How to prevent side effects of hair straightening?
If you have already opted for hair straightening and facing these problems, you may have tried to prevent these side effects. Well, there is no proper way to prevent the side effects of chemically treated hair. However, you can lower the intensity of damage on hair by opting to these easy and quick tips.

• Ask your hair expert to use branded or high-quality products while hair straightening.
• Opt for easy home remedies to keep your hair in good condition.
• Oiling your hair is important in order to keep your scalp hydrated.
• Prevent using extremely hot water on hair. Use more of cold or lukewarm water.
• Avoid washing your hair regularly; it will strip off the natural oil from the hair, leaving your scalp extra dry.

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