What Are The Side Effects Of Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy has been a controversial therapy since the very beginning. The therapy has been around for some time and there have always been debates going on whether the therapy is good or not. How will it benefit the skin and does it have any side effects? To begin with let’s understand what is red light therapy. Red light therapy uses low level light wavelengths to treat multiple skin issues like wrinkles, stretch marks, acnes, dry skin, crow feet and likewise. Red light therapy has both cosmetic and medical uses. Let’s have a look what are the side effects of red light therapy –

side effects of red light therapy

Side Effects of Red Light Therapy

1. Burns– Red light therapy is considered to be painless when compared to laser therapy. But time and again there has been instances when your skin is burnt as a result of red light therapy.
2. Eye damage– Just like laser light red light therapy should be avoided to be used on eyes or any other sensitive organs. Proper eye protection is a must while going for red light therapy otherwise it can cause permanent damage to your eyes.
3. Immediate side effects– There are some immediate side effects to red light therapy. When your skin and body is exposed to red light then headaches are very common. Other than this body pain and slight discomfort is also associated regularly with red light therapy. Even eyestrain and skin irritation is also observed in some cases.
4. Skin cancer– When your skin is exposed to higher degree of light or any radiation, then there is always a chance of skin infection and in some cases even skin cancer.

Is red light therapy safe?

Just like every therapy red light therapy also comes with it’s own set of pros and cons. FDA has approved the red light therapy and labelled it as a safe therapy excluding some minor side effects. These side effects are said to be short lived. But the catch here is that you should consider going for red light therapy from a good certified salon to get maximum benefits.

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