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Today, I am sharing with you after effects of retinol. I am sure many of you maybe aware of the after effects of retinol. Do read on, if you are planning to use retinol for the first time. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A. Retinol is commonly used an anti-aging ingredient in skin care product which helps to boost collagen. It is antioxidant in nature, hence used in treating acne and breakouts. It is also used for fading dark spots and erasing pigmentation.

6 After Side Effects of Using Retinol

In spite of being a wonder element and healer for skin, retinol comes with after effects. Not necessary, everyone using retinol may fall prey to these after effects. Mostly women who use retinol complain that their skin becomes dry, itchy or turns red in the sun and so on. I have compiled a few side effects:

1. Itching:

Shedding the outer layer of skin cells may lead to inflammation and dryness. This makes your skin feel itchy. If your skin is sensitive or dry, retinol may cause itchiness.

2. Dry Skin:

Young beautiful woman with dry irritated skin.

This is the most common complaint among women, who use retinol. It is true that retinol can make your skin dry, even if you have a normal skin. Retinol helps to speed skin cell turn over, which leads to shredding the top layer of the skin cells. This shredded skin appears flaky and dry. Another fact to consider is that regular shredding of the top layer of skin, impairs the skin barrier, which leads to water loss and drying of the skin. A healthy skin barrier is required to prevent excessive water loss from skin cells.

3. Skin Tightening:

Some women experience stretching and skin tightening after using retinol. It is another common side effect. It is sometimes wrongly interpreted as wrinkles are disappearing. In fact, it is a sign of dry skin or you are over using retinol or using the product during winters, when it is not suiting your skin.

4. Redness:

Woman taking care of her skin

Some women who use retinols experience increased redness in their skin. Skin turning red is a sign of inflammation. One aspect to skin reddening is that you have dry or sensitive skin and you are using retinol for the first time. Second aspect is excessive dryness and itching leads to inflamed skin. Third reason could be you are wearing retinols during day time, which is reacting with the solar rays. I have explained this below as a separate point altogether.

5. Sensitivity to Sun:

Use of retinol, has a high tendency to make your skin more sensitive to solar radiation. Retinol sheds the top layer of skin cells and removes the protected barrier. This leads to induce a photo toxic reaction, when your skin comes in contact with solar rays. This causes your skin to become red and irritated, or even discolouration after exposure to sun. Hence, it is very important to wear a good sunscreen with a high SPF content, whilst using retinol for skin. This is one of the main reasons why retinol is advised to use at night.

6. Pimples:

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It’s a well know fact, that retinol is used to fight acne, breakouts, warts, etc. However, some people can get more breakouts when they first start using retinol. People with prior history of acne should be alerted and consider this potential problem before using retinol. Incase, you are a first time user and experience breakouts, do consult your skin specialist. If advised by your skin specialist to still continue using the same retinol product, you may consider using the product, instead of immediately discontinuing, and see if there is any improvement. Please discontinue use, if there are no improvements or situation worsens.

7. Skin Irritations:

Sensitive skin may experience burning sensation and irritation, when using retinol for the first time. If you feel like something is not normal, do not hesitate to wash off the product, and seek medical advice from your skin specialist or dermatologist.

Hope the above compilation is of use to you all. Thanks for reading!

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