Sierra Bees Organic Honey Lip Balm Review

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So, it may have been established by now that I love me some lip care products! If the product contains all natural, organic ingredients, I’m always sold. On such a quest, I found this product and so I’m ready with its review.

Sierra Bees Organic Honey Lip Balm Review

Claims :

USDA Organic
Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
Non-GMO Vitamin E derived from Sunflower Seed Oil.
Our lip balms are not made with ingredients that contain gluten.
Price and Quantity:$ 2.95 for 4.25gm
Main Ingredients:Extra virgin olive oil*, beeswax*, flavor, sunflower seed oil*, non GMO vitamin E, honey extract*.

My Experience with Sierra Bees Organic Honey Lip Balm:

The product comes in a regular lip balm tube. It has a slightly yellow tint and smells a lot like honey. The smell is quite a put off for me, and it lasts for the entire duration that it remains on my lips.

However, all the amazing ingredients present in it makes up for it. It is firm (not too soft) and it glides on smoothly, without leaving a tint and helps keep my lips very moisturized. It stays put for a long time, and I can vouch for this since I always end up wiping it off due to that smell!

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Sierra Bees Organic Honey Lip Balm Review

Considering the fact that it is quite inexpensive, it is a winner product though. It has no shimmer particles, neither an SPF, yet it does a wonderful job on healing dry lips. This has never failed to give me that ultra-smooth looking lips. By the way, just to let you all know, you need an SPF of at least 30 for a decent protection, which is much higher than what a number of lip balms have.

All in all, the smell aside, it is a promising product that delivers well despite the trifling price.

Sierra Bees Organic Honey Lip Balm Review

Pros of Sierra Bees Organic Honey Lip Balm:

• Moisturizes and keeps the lips smooth.
• Lasts for 3-4 hours.
• Impressive ingredients, most of which are organic.
• Inexpensive.
• Contains no parabens.

Cons of Sierra Bees Organic Honey Lip Balm:

• The smell is bothering. Lasts for the entire duration of wear.
• Availability.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase or Recommend Sierra Bees Organic Honey Lip Balm?

Nope! Because I can’t stand the smell! It’s a product with all goodness in it and if your olfactory senses have no issues with the honey smell, you can absolutely give it a try.

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