Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Eyes Review

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Hey gorgeous gals,

After reviewing the Benjabelle Brush Tree for you earlier, I thought it was time to share my fairly new purchase – this one is the Sigma Dry’N Shape Tower – Eyes. Unlike the Benjabelle Brush Tree, this one had a lot of hype around it. I saw this in the store about a year back but couldn’t get myself to bite the bullet. Anyway, by that time, my shopping bill had got so high that all I could pick from this store was the Sigma Express Brush Cleansing Glove. I purchased this a couple of months back. Why did I buy it when I already had the amazing Benjabelle Brush tree? Let’s find out…


Product Description:
The patented Dry’n Shape Tower – Eyes was specially designed to completely dry and shape your most dense eye brushes faster than ever before while holding up to 48 brushes at once. The Dry’n Shape Tower® – Eyes is also a great addition to build onto the top of the Dry’n Shape Tower® – Face and Eyes if you have a large brush collection.



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• Holds up to 48 eye brushes
• Includes 3 bases and 2 connectors
• Disassembles easily for compact storage.



USD $39 / THB 1450/INR 2900

My Experience with Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Eyes:

I think Sigma as a brand really needs no introduction. When they started with their brushes, they were probably known for their more affordable dupes for the MAC brushes, but since then, they have drastically diversified and have an enviable line of brushes – including brush sets, brush care items and even makeup.


What I like about Sigma is that apart from the brushes, they have a plethora of brush care products which are either extremely unique or one of its kind in the market. Yes, people start copying them fairly quickly and you get easy dupes over a period of time, but it does not detract from their innovation. They don’t just create one thing and sit on their laurels – they are constantly innovating and seemingly listening to the market.

So, somewhere last year (I think), they released these Dry’N Shape Towers – one exclusively for the eyes, one for the face and eyes, and a third one – which is basically the set consisting of both the previously mentioned towers.

Why do we need a brush drying rack? I have covered this aspect in my Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree review, request you to please look it up.

Initially, I was not convinced that I needed such a product; however, this year, when I started using eye makeup more regularly, I realized a couple of things, which identified my need for this product, and I am listing them down in case you also feel the same way:

  • Once you start doing eye makeup regularly – you start identifying the need for good quality eye brushes, which also means that you identify the need to take care of them.
  • Again, regular eye makeup means regular brush cleansing required. You need a place to dry them.
  • You definitely use and wash more eye brushes than face ones.
  • It’s slightly easier to shape a face brush with your hand. In case of an eye brush – like a crease brush – with regular use, spot cleaning and thorough cleaning, it starts flaring. The shape of the brush – can literally make or break the look because it will govern how precise or diffused the look is – depending on what you are going in for.

So, I already had the Benjabelle Brush Tree. Why did I buy this? While reviewing the Benjabelle Daisy brush tree, I mentioned that I needed more slots for eye brushes.  So, I was contemplating buying a Benjabelle brush tree for only eye brushes. At the same time, I was considering buying the Brush Guards to shape the bristles of the brushes while they dry.  Just when I was about to place the order, I remembered these Sigma Towers and decided to buy this instead because it gave the option for drying as well as shaping – just as the name suggests.



There are three sizes to choose from:

  • Dry’N Shape Tower® Eyes ($39) – Holds up to 48 brushes.
  • Dry’N Shape Tower® Face and Eyes ($49) – Holds up to 20 face brushes and 24 eye brushes.
  • Dry’N Shape Tower® Full Set ($69) – Holds up to two towers holds up to 68 brushes when combined or 92 brushes when side-by-side

I went with the Eye Tower instead of the Face and Eye tower because the Benjabelle takes care of my Face brushes anyway.


The Sigma Eye Tower consists of 3 discs and 2 small columns which need to be assembled together to form the tower. It comes packaged very well in a good quality cardboard box. Considering the space that it occupies even when not assembled, I don’t think it’s very travel friendly. However, the quality of plastic used is very good and not likely to break easily.


Once assembled, the 3 discs are separated by the 2 columns. The ones with the pink Sigma-snap go on top and the one with the black brush guards needs to go down. Refer to the pics. The instructions for assembly are enclosed in the form a leaflet. However, even without the instructions, it’s no rocket science!

Couple of things to note:

  • You will note everywhere that the tower is supposed to be able to accommodate 48 eye brushes. While that is technically correct, it’s not fully accurate. Meaning, yes, it accommodates 48 brushes – 24 in the upper tier and another 24 in the middle tier; the upper tier doesn’t really have any brush guard mechanism. The brush guard mechanism is only in the lower tier. Meaning, it can dry 48 brushes at one go but shape only 24 at one time.
  • This is not necessarily a bad thing – since some thinner brushes like the eyeliner brush, concealer brush, lip brush and even some eye brushes do not need shaping. They only need drying. However, I felt you should know this and not be surprised post buying.
  • The brush guard portion has guards with different widths – it can take a bit of trial and error for you to figure the best match for the brush in hand.
  • sigma-dryn-shape-tower-eyes-with-eye-brushes

  • You need to pass the brush from below the brush guard and then snap it on to the pink Sigma Snap in the middle tier. For the top tier, you can straightaway snap the brush and not the pink Sigma Snap.
  • In short, it takes a tad bit extra time to put the brushes onto this stand than it did on the Benjabelle tree.
  • A key point which I learnt from experience, once you have fixed the brush into the brush guard part, please DO NOT rotate the brush. The brush guard has a firm grip. Rotating the brush post passing it through the guard will end up in rotating the hair of the brush in the direction which you rotated. This will result in the brush hair drying in a different direction than they should…rendering the brush useless till you wash and shape it again.
  • Drying the brushes on the tower definitely decreases the drying time of the brush.
  • The Brush guard really helps in shaping the brushes well. You will be surprised when you take out the brush and realise that it is shaped beyond recognition because you have so forgotten the original shape of the brush.
  • Another thing which gets challenging for me sometime is that I have eye brushes from various brands – MAC, MUFE, Mizuho, PAC, Inglot, etc. So, they obviously vary in handle width. This sometimes results in you not being able to use all the slots in the Pink Sigma Snap because the adjacent brush handle is too thick to allow the second brush to go alongside. However, with 48 slots, you are fairly covered. You have options.


Pros of Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Eyes:

  • Excellent idea – well executed.
  • Great product which identifies and fulfills a need in the market.
  • Sturdy product.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Decreases the drying time of brushes.
  • Helps shape of the bristles.
  • Prevents water from flowing into the ferrule – assuming that you have put the brushes facing downwards.
  • Easy to store.

Cons of Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Eyes:

  • A bit of a learning cover – in terms of fitting the brushes – since all brush guards are of varying sizes and so are our eye brushes.
  • You can dry 48 brushes at one time but shape a maximum of only 24 at one go.

IMBB Rating:
Overall Thoughts:
A fantastic product! Perfect for makeup/brush lovers. I would say a step above the Benjabelle Brush Tree because you get to shape the brushes as well even though Benjabelle brush tree is so much easier to use.

Do I Recommend Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Eyes?
If you have set of 4-5 brushes that take care of your makeup application – I don’t really think this would make sense. However, if you have an extensive brush collection or a more premium brush collection – this is definitely worth an investment. I understand that one may argue – why bother with this when you can as easily lay down the brushes on a towel. However, if you have invested in good quality brushes, which can last you for years, with good maintenance; this will feel like a no-brainer.

Benjabelle Brush Tree or Sigma Dry’N Shape Tower?

I love them both! It isn’t that with post using Sigma Tower, I regret buying Benjabelle earlier. No. For normal use, I feel I use Benjabelle more – it’s easy to pop the brush in even when you are doing quick spot cleaning. They are both winners in their own way.

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  1. never knew such a product even exists!!!
    i am not at all in eye makeup…and might never buy it…
    review is very detailed and informative..

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