Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush Review

Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush Review

Dear Beauties,

So after my back to back reviews of MUA products, I decided to take a break from them and instead review one of my favorite brushes for concealing, i.e., Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush.


Last year, I did a major haul from Sigma and finally bought my F80 brush which I use for foundation application and absolutely love it! Nothing gives a flawless finish better than F80! Sigma P80 belongs to the precision kit and is a smaller version of F80. This brush is a must try, read on to find out why!

Product Description:

Unique Feature: Small, dense and flat head.
Function: Precise concealer application.
Recommended Use: Stipple concealer onto sun spots, blemishes, and other small imperfections.
Bristle Type: Synthetic Sigmax.

Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush

My Experience with Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush:

I am very much new into this wonderful world of makeup and as a beginner, I always struggled with proper application and flawless finishes. Following through IMBB, I had heard so much about Sigma and MAC brushes, but never had the courage to spend thousands of rupees on a single MAC brush! Always found some less expensive brushes, but still did not get the desired results!

Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush 2

My first ever and my only brush from MAC is their 217 which I absolutely love to death! That was my first experience with a good quality brush and it blew my mind away with the results! Then and there, I decided to invest in good quality makeup brushes! Now, MAC for me is really expensive since some of the MAC brushes cost more than a couple of grands! So the other obvious choice were Sigma brushes!

Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush 3

Before starting with the review, let me tell you that its extremely important to have good quality makeup brushes if you are serious about your makeup and want to achieve that flawless look! Also, makeup brushes are an investment!!! I stress on this statement because these brushes (MAC, Sigma, etc) will last you a lifetime! Yes, they truly do last for that long and hence I feel they are a great investment for your makeup collection.

Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush 4

P80 is a mini version of the very famous flat top kabuki F80. It comes in a nice sleek packaging with black handle. Looks very stylish and classy to hold! The bristles are extremely soft and dense at the same time. This brush is fantastic to buff out under eye concealer or if you are spot concealing any pimple or acne! It truly gives an airbrushed finish! I even use this brush to apply concealer on my eyelids and you can apply cream eyeshadows or paint pots on eyelids and it will buff them out flawlessly! You can even use this to buff out concealer around your nose and mouth and it will do the job well.

Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush 5

My P80 has undergone so many washes and it never sheds a single hair! Also, due to the mini size, it dries up pretty fast! This is one of the best brushes for applying concealers! Highly recommend it!



Pros of Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush:

  • Sleek and stylish packaging.
  • Bristles are extremely soft and densely packed.
  • Applies concealer flawlessly.
  • Gives airbrushed finish.
  • Versatile and can be used for applying cream eyeshadows, paint pots.
  • Does not shed.
  • Dries fast after washing.
  • Does not stain.
  • Bristles do not feel abrasive on skin whatsoever.
  • Can be used for spot concealing on cheeks and around nose.
  • Reasonably priced if compared to other high end brands like MAC, Inglot, Estee Lauder, etc.

Cons of Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush:

  • Availability!!! Sigma does ship worldwide, but the shipping prices are a bit high. I highly suggest to order in a group to reduce the shipping charges.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush?

Yes, I highly recommend this brush, its a great investment if you are looking for a good multi-tasker brush!



15 thoughts on “Sigma Precision Flat P80 Brush Review

  1. I still have not entered the makeup world that much… but thank you now I think even i shall invest in one 🙂

  2. Love how much effort you put in to write down a detailed review for us Parita 🙂 And I used to think that imma beginner that’s why drugstore brushes dunn give a nice finish in my makeup 😛
    Will invest in quality brushes now… 🙂 wish it was available in India though :/

  3. I so much wish these were available in India, at least online, Sigma brushes are complete must-have, isn’t it Parita 🙂

  4. emily noel from youtube always raves abt this brush and uses it for her undereye concealing… am glad u reviewed it.. sigma has awesome brushes bt then they are so expensive and unavailable too .. nice review Parita 🙂

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