Signs of Abusive Relationship

Person who fall prey to an abusive relationship may show major personality changes. They may get depressed, be anxious, or at times develop suicidal tendencies too. Abusive relationships are unhealthy for everyone. The abuser has just one aim and that is to gain and maintain total control over the partner.

abusive relationship

Written below are some points that may help you identify the early signs of an abusive relationship. The sooner you realize the better it will be for you.

Signs of abusive relationship:

You are in an abusive relationship if your partner,

• Dominates you i.e. he makes the decisions for you and the family. He tells you what to do and expect you to follow his orders without any question.
• Is possessive about you. He calls constantly, visits unexpectedly, wants to know whom you talked to, where you were or prevents you from going out alone. If this is what he does all the time then you know what are you dealing with.
• Wants to keep you isolated. He discourages you from meeting anyone even your family or friends. You need his permission to do anything.
• Give you threats or is abusive towards you. He harms you physically in any way, including slapping, pushing, grabbing, shaking etc. He often humiliates you or makes you feel unworthy.
• Is hypersensitive and suffers from frequent mood swings. He gets easily insulted. One moment he is a sweetly loving guy and next moment he is explosively violent. Moreover, he blames you for all this every time.
• You can not express your feelings to him, as you are not sure about how your partner will react to things you say or do.

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9 thoughts on “Signs of Abusive Relationship

  1. Its feels really bad for those who suffer from abusive relationship 🙁 Maximum people are in a abusive relations , which affects a person mentally and physically.It does so much of irreparable damage !

  2. i like this article 🙂 i think the problem gets more complicated when people expect the abusive persona to change and they still stay with an abusive partner just because they feel that they will change . sometimes they abusive people make them feel useful or special , saying stuff like “you only take my nonsense” . :/ i have seen so many school mates in that way 🙁 felt so bad for them 🙁

  3. i was myself in an abusive relationship. He used to fel bad when any of our friends would ask him to take care me. he would come back and start feeling bad saying that he is not taking good care of me and that is why everyone is saying so to him. he would not stop there. he used to ask me why they said so and do i think so. you cannot assure them every minute that you are happy with them. you will be tired of doing that and as mentioned correctly in the article i was always scared to say anything to him as i never knew how ahe will react, i was even scared to crack a joke on him. initially i felt very guilty when i chose to move away, but now i am happy. he would have never liked me to be so independent as i am now. imagine he was so angry and upset that my friend had submitted my conveyance proofs. he started irritating me why did she submit when he is there. it was just a 2 min work and she said she will do it as she is going to submit her proofs anyway. i was so frustarted, i cannot eat any food stuff liek egg though he was eating all non-veg, bcoz he informed his friends atht i do not eat egg. I cannot takl any decision without consulting him or cannot even go and buy a book without iforming him. he was very manipulative also. i was so happy the day i moved away from him. it was like taking back my life into my own hands again.

  4. aditi… you mean that she did anything wrong by moving away……. 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 Hima I appreciate your being independent again and living your life as you want to :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

  5. I feel sorry for those women who do not even know that they are in a abusive relationship.. And its too late for them to know.. The damage done is irreversible…

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