10 Signs You’re Actually Doing Well in Life

There are times in life when you feel like everything’s just falling apart. Things aren’t going the way you’d want them to in your career, love life or family relationships. I’ve seen the best of people around me feeling shallow, hopeless, negative and what not! Say, Deepika Padukone for that matter: she is somebody we would do anything to be yet she was going through depression and had to take medical help. But sometimes we feel bad for no reason. Hopefully this article will make you feel good for all the things that you should be grateful for. Here’s a list you can always think of when you feel miserable in life.


1. You’ve lived and learned

All the past defeats, experiences whether they were good or bad has made you the strong person you are today. There were bumps in the road but you were able to overcome them, no matter the pain it caused you. Move on in faith, and believe that EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE.

2. You have an actual bed and roof

There are families out there tonight who won’t be sleeping in a comfortable bed as you or won’t be having a proper roof over their heads. Consider yourself blessed that you have something as basic as a bed, which we take for granted; some people are praying to even have one of these.

3. You have a job

There are a lot of jobless people who are hoping to get even a temporary job in order to earn money. If you happen to have a job at this very moment, consider yourself one of the lucky few. If you’ve recently just quit your job, don’t feel low. Consider this an opportunity to explore more options.

4. You have internet

With the internet, knowledge is at your fingertips. There’s so much more to learn and there are free tools available online to enhance your skills or learn more. Seize the opportunities that come your way to educate yourself further and help yourself become better in the process.

5. You have lots of food

Just like number 2! We often take for granted what we have on a daily basis. There are millions of people around the world who are starving as you read this because they do not have the resources to eat like you do. So always say grace before having your meal the next time. Be thankful for the food you get to eat.

6. You can make a choice

Often overlooked, having a choice and making the right one is an important tool that an individual has. Make the right choices and claim the power to choose whenever you can.

7. You experienced the feeling of being in love

No matter if it turned out sour or if you’re still happy together, the important thing is that you were able to experience such a wonderful feeling others don’t give themselves a chance to. It’s never wrong to fall in love. Give yourself a chance to make good memories and treasure them forever.

8. You have clothes

Never say you have nothing to wear especially when you have a closet full of clothes. You don’t have to go around the city butt naked because you don’t have any clothes at all. Enjoy the fact that you have clothes for every occasion.

9. You know and believe something is far greater than yourself

Whether you believe in God or in your family, you know that it is because of them that you have a purpose. For all those times that you feel small or down, just take a step back and realize that there is something greater than you.

10. You can make friends

Your ability to make friends is a sign that you’re doing okay. When you allow other people to come into your life and become your friend, you’re doing okay in life even if you don’t think so.

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