10 Signs and Symptoms of PCOD that Every Woman Must Be Aware Of

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PCOS or PCOD (polycystic ovarian syndrome/disease) is a very common problem among women all across the world these days. Often it takes time to be diagnosed and thus the treatment is also delayed. To deal with the problem, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of PCOS. In this post, I will talk about 10 signs of PCOS that you must be aware of. If you see any of these, make sure to consult your doctor immediately for treatment.

PCOD symptoms

1. Irregular Periods: Due to the lack of the hormone progesterone, women with PCOS often suffer from irregular periods which are also termed as oligomenorrhea. The cycles lengths are often more than of 35 days, which is not normal and periods are mostly unpredictable. If this happens for more than 2 months, get a checkup done immediately.

2. Difficulty in Conceiving: Women suffering from PCOS often has difficulty in conceiving. Many women blame there obesity (which also can be a result of PCOS) for this and choose to ignore the possibility of PCOS. PCOD reduces the chance of pregnancy significantly, so if you are TTC (trying to conceive) and have been unable to do so, it is better to do a thorough checkup done.

3. Excessive Facial Hair Growth: Women suffering from PCOS often have excessive hair growth in unwanted places, also known medically as hirsutism. There can be excessive hair growth in limbs, back, face, chest and abdomen. If this happens, you most likely have PCOD.

4. Hair Fall: Due to the rise of androgen in women suffering from PCOD, they exhibit a male-patterned hair loss. You will have a larger forehead and the hair fall will be far more than usual when you have cysts in the ovary.

hair thinning

5. Acne: Due to the hormonal imbalance, you will get acne and breakouts month after month. If you have relatively good skin, this will look very uncommon. But often oily-skinned women blame their skin type for their frequent breakouts, but excessive breakouts are not common when you follow a good skin care routine. In such cases, make sure to consult a gynaecologist.

can bed give acne

6. Obesity: Excessive weight gain and obesity in spite of following a healthy diet is a typical sign of PCOS. Often this is considered as the first sign of PCOS. However, it can also happen to anyone who is slim, if you see the other symptoms, you must get a checkup even when you are not overweight.

7. Mood swings: The hormonal imbalance in PCOS often leads to anxiety and depression. You will feel irritated most of the time and mood swing becomes very common. If you see this sudden change in behavior, it can be due to PCOS.

8. Disturbed Sleep: Women with PCOS also suffer from disturbed sleep. This makes them tired and dizzy throughout the day. You may also suffer form headache due to the hormonal change.

9. Type 2 Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is very common among younger people now and obesity is often blamed for it. However, it may be due to obesity caused by PCOS. The body becomes insulin resistant which causes diabetes. This also has an effect on the skin. Dark patches of skin appear in the neck and armpit area because of such an imbalance.

10. Pelvic Pain: This is the definite sign of PCOS. Pelvic pain and cramps are very common in PCOS. If that happens to you, it is time to consult a gynaecologist and get the treatment started.

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  1. I too have faced a lot of problems due to pcod. But some life style changes have really helped me overcome these problems. Plus i have shed a lot of weight too. Staying positive and incorporating a healthy regime are the key✌

  2. I’m also suffering from polycystic cyst. Day by day I’m gaining more weight. I’m having irregular period too.

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