Signs That He is Totally Into You

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I am a hard core, die hard romantic. I love the feeling of being in love and I love to talk about relationship stuff. Imagine you like a guy and want to know whether he is into you or not. Then, these are the signs you should look out for. If you are in a relationship then you can check, that if your guy is totally into you.

Signs - He Is Totally Into You

He remembers little things about you:

He remembers little things about you

He might tend to forget the anniversaries but remembers what you wore on your last date, your favorite book, movie and all the tiny random things about you.

He constantly makes eye contact with you:

makes eye contact

You are in a room full of people, you give one look at him and he is already looking at you smiling. You smile, you blush! Do I need to say more? Sometimes eyes do say what words can not express.

All his friends know about you:

couple with friends

This means that he is not afraid of the world and is proud to have you in his life. He loves to arrange meet ups for his friends and you.Also, all of you have a great time together because all the other guys kind of know you a little too well.

He teases you:

he teases you

You cannot be all lovey-dovey all the time. Your guy likes to call you with cute and funny nicknames and he loves to tease you. These are the moments that make the best memories.

He is possessive about you:


I am not talking about the crazy stalker kind of jealousy but a little possessiveness in a relationship is good. It shows you are his girl and he will not share you with anyone else!

He tries to make you laugh:

laughing couple
Affectionate couple

He may not be the funniest guy in the world but his jokes make you laugh. He tries a little too hard to make you laugh. Sometimes it works but sometimes it does not, but he never fails to make you smile.

He does not need a reason to call you:

phone call

He does not call at fixed intervals. He calls just to hear your voice. It does not mean that he is completely free, it just means he takes time out for you even if it is just for a minute.

He cares about your wishes:

cares for your wishes

He probably likes action movies but for you he is more than happy to watch a sappy chick flick together, then he is a keeper. He puts your wishes over his own.

He is comfortable around you:


You do all the fun stuff together and he wants to spend his time with you. He is all smiles and goofy when he is around you. He does not try too hard and he is very comfortable around you. He loves you and shows it.

Yes, you both know that you are in love and do not need to show off it to the world. But sometimes in order to keep that spark and excitement alive, you need to put in more efforts. He is the one who makes date night plans and says I love you in the cutest way possible.

Please do remember every relationship has its own unique traits. So, if you have not ticked all the boxes it does not mean you are not his world. He is probably just too shy.

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