18 Signs that you Should Change your Diet for Losing Weight

Has shedding all the extra weight that got accumulated over the last few months by baking new cakes and trying out new recipes becoming a top priority right now? In a frantic bid to lose weight, some of us may actually steer towards wrong eating practices, crash dieting, and fad diets. All these diet programs work only for a short term, and beyond a point, you may not lose any weight at all. They may not have any additional health benefits either. Even though you may lose some pounds initially, wrong dieting habits, would not make weight loss a sustainable process. If you have been dieting, yet not seeing positive results, watch out for these 18 signs which tell you why you should change your diet for losing weight, and switch to better options like Rati Beauty diet programs to drop extra pounds the healthy way without compromising on nutrition.

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Why Should you Lose Extra Weight?

1. To reduce risk of metabolic disorders, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
2. To look and feel confident.
3. To sleep better.
4. To improve energy.
5. To fit into old clothes.
6. To get rid of negative body image.
7. To get fit and healthy
8. To improve general health.

18 Signs that you Should Change your Diet for Losing Weight:

1. You have brain fog: When you are following a wrong kind of a diet, you might experience brain fog too often. Brain fog is caused by fluctuating glucose levels and also when your diet deprives you of essential vitamins like vitamin B12. Brain fog is characterized by lack of concentration, temporary memory impairment, and difficulty in focussing. If you are experiencing brain fog frequently, it’s time to switch to healthy means such as Rati Beauty diet to lose weight without any side effects.

2. Your diet leaves you hungry, rather hangry all the time: A good diet should make you feel good, not hangry or irritable. If your diet recommends cutting down calories aggressively, it would send your hormones into a tizzy, and that would make you irritable and hangry all the time. Dieting does not mean starving yourself, it should supply the correct amount of nutrition and food so that the body does not feel famished.

3. You dread meal time because it’s mostly bland food: Diet food need not be bland or tasteless. Check out our diet programs on Rati Beauty to check out delicious diet recipes that are healthy and taste awesome at the same time.

4. You are tired all the time: Wrong diets can drain you out and make you tired all the time and that’s because you are eating low-energy foods that supply little nutrition to the body, and as a result, your metabolism slows down.

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5. You have digestive issues: Lack of fiber, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. can disrupt the normal functioning of digestive tract and instead of losing weight, you might actually gain weight after some time.

6. Frequent headaches: Have you been experiencing frequent headaches? If yes, it’s definitely time to switch to a healthy diet. Weight loss should actually take care of a lot of health issues including migraines, but if you have been having headaches on your diet, you should come out of it.

7. Your skin is breaking out: Women often get compliments on how their skin is glowing while they are dieting, however, if your skin is breaking out or becoming excessively dry, you know what you are doing wrong!

8. You have cut out major food groups completely from your diet: Fad diets often recommend cutting out major food categories such as “carbs” from your daily diet, but it’s not a long-term solution to weight loss as it’s not sustainable since you would pick up all that weight once you resume normal eating habits.

9. Excessive hair fall: Wrong dieting practice can trigger massive hair fall and it often takes months to actually grow out new hair. Choose your diet carefully because lack of nutrition, protein, and other essential vitamins can cause severe hair fall.

10. Thyroid results are in a tizzy: Have you been feeling chills lately? If yes, your thyroid hormones are to be blamed. Low iodine in daily diet, high iodine content, low carb diet can all throw thyroid hormones off balance and you might be displaying symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. It’s important to have a healthy diet with proper intake of all necessary nutrients to keep the hormones in check.

11. There’s no cheat meal in your diet: If there’s no cheat meal in your diet program, it’s not a properly planned one. A cheat meal helps to kickstart metabolism and reset hormones, and keep the fat burning process at normal pace. Cheat meal once a week is recommended by a good diet.

12. You do not have sound sleep: A good diet will help you sleep better at night, period.

13. You can’t stop thinking about junk food: If food is always on your mind and you can’t stop thinking about junk food, you are famished and most probably, it’s a crash diet, which is not at all a healthy way to lose weight.

14. It’s a short-term diet plan: Your diet plan has promised 15 kg weight loss in a month? Your body does not work that way, and just like nobody gains weight overnight, no one loses weight in one day. Fat burning and weight loss is a process which takes time to show results, do have patience.

15. You are promised that dieting alone would help you lose weight, no exercise needed: Weight loss is all about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, and if your current diet, says no exercise needed, get out of it asap.

16. Bad Mood swings: Frequent mood swings are caused by unhealthy eating habits, most probably caused by fluctuating blood sugar levels. A good diet should leave you happy and active, not grumpy or moody all the time.

17. No lifestyle changes recommended? Weight loss and weight maintenance both require lifestyle changes – if there is none in your dieting program, it’s not the right one.

18. You are encouraged to drink liquid calories: When you drink the calories in the form of juices and smoothies, you often lose track of the calorie intake and most often it’s full of sugar. Instead of relying completely on juices and liquids as a dieting practice, switch to wholesome and healthy diet so that you can actually count the calories and put the body into a calorie deficit to lose weight effectively.

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