8 Signs Your Relationship Deserves a Second Chance!

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Relationships are a lot of hard work and not at all a smooth sailing. You have to work through your relationship everyday to make it shine. Sometimes due to miscommunication, trust factor, infidelity or various reasons, your relationship starts to crumble and you wonder if you are in the right one or should you work towards this relationship a little more to make it work. Here are the signs that say you must!

Relationship deserves second chance

1. You still love each other
Isn’t love the first reason why people stay in a relationship? Love isn’t easy to come by. It is very rare and hard to find. Some problems have crept in your relationship. Big deal! Work through those problems together and come up shining.

2. You don’t want anyone else
8 Signs that your relationship deserves a second chance2

You can’t even imagine your life with anyone else. You still care about him and he is still in your every thought.

3. You have a lot invested
The more things couple share, the harder it gets to move apart. If you are one of those who think that you have a lot of your life invested in your relationship and you can’t go on without your partner, then don’t shy away from the possibility of a second chance.

4. You know the relationship problems
If you both know the kind of problems that are affecting your relationship then that means you have a healthy perspective towards all the problems and are willing to take realistic measure to solve them. Figuring out the problems is the stepping stone to fix a broken relationship.

5. You still have fun together
8 Signs that your relationship deserves a second chance3

Sure, lately you have been getting in heated arguments with one another but when you still go out, you have fun together. If you enjoy each other’s company and share happy moments together, then it is still not time to call it quits.

6. He still makes your heart skip a beat
Your heart beats for him and you still feel weak on your knees and your heart skips a beat whenever you see him after few days. You smile from ear to ear when you see him. If this is still the case, then call him right away and fix a date so that you will be able to feel those things again.

7. You still have all the mementos
Maybe it’s been a few weeks since you guys last spoke, but you still can’t get rid of things attached to him. You still look at all those photos of the happy time you spent together, you still have all the silly love cards that he gave and they still make you smile. My dear, you are still very much in love, don’t waste your time anymore and do something about it.

8. You imagine your future with him
8 Signs that your relationship deserves a second chance4

Imagine the two of you 30 years from now sitting on a porch having coffee and smiling. If this thing tickles your mind and brings a smile to your face, then what are you waiting for? You know what your heart wants. So, go and get it by all means.

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