Simple Dual Effect Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Review

Simple’s effective Eye Make-up Remover that cares for lashes.
It is delicate yet effective cleansing for the most sensitive skin area.
Its unique formula is made of 2 parts, a cleansing oil and a vitamin-enriched water phase that, when shaken, effortlessly dissolves even waterproof make-up whilst instantly hydrating and caring for your eyelashes. No rubbing needed and it doesn’t sting the eyes. Perfect for sensitive eyes.
For make-up free, refreshed and soothed eyes.
And as always for Simple, there’s no artificial perfumes or colours and no harsh chemicals, so it won’t upset your skin.

Price: £4.49 / INR 370 approx

My Experience with Simple Dual Effect Gentle Eye Makeup Remover:

I am sharing a review of an eye makeup remover that I am head over heels in love with these days. It is by a brand called Simple. It is the Dual Effect Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I picked up the regular eye makeup remover from Simple first. Honestly, I personally was not very impressed with the performance of it. So I decided to pick this dual eye makeup remover.

It is your regular bi-phase eye makeup remover with oil and contents. The oil sits on top of the bottle and the water at the bottom. You have to shake the bottle to use the product. I cannot even tell you how amazingly this product works. It breaks every single trace of eye makeup that you have on your eyes: waterproof, long-lasting, non-smudging; you name it and it would get rid of it. I just damp my cotton pad with the liquid and let it sit on my eyes for a few seconds and then wipe off the makeup. Within 2-3 gentle swipes, it leaves my eyes very clean and not blurry at all.

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  • No rubbing needed.
  • It has never irritated my eyes.
  • It gets rid of every last trace of makeup even the waterproof one.
  • It does not leave the vision blurry.
  • It does does not leave eye area dry.

The only problem I find with this is that it is quite oily. I mean I don’t find it a problem when I am doing a final cleanse of my makeup at the end of the day. But most of the time I like to fix my eyeliner with a q-tip and a makeup remover. I have to be very careful with it that I use it only where I want to clean or else it might break the rest of the liner too. Also, since it is oily, I have to quickly wipe the oil off as soon as I use it. Honestly, I am nitpicking here.

It is an eye makeup remover that is meant to do its job well. And, it does it brilliantly. I just like to multitask with my products. The price is so amazing. There is no fragrance or harsh chemicals in it. It’s ‘simple’, as the name suggests. And I love that about it. I so wish it was easily available in India. Given a choice, I could keep repurchasing it all my life. It is that good!

Rating: 5/5

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