Simple Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

Simple Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

Greasy oily hair unwashed for like a week, puts us in a frenzy, they get so flat that we just dont know how to style them, do you shy away from venturing out of the house with greasy flat hair? Take a look at some simply pretty hair styles for greasy hair below.


1. Messy bun

Use a mousse on the crown and back comb then gather all the hair after flipping them upside down,use an elastic to hold hair but stop half way, you should get a bun-like style, this is common method.or else you can make a pony and tie stray hair around and then secure back again in the elastic band. Messy buns are always in style and are super chic.

messy bun

2. Side swept bun

Usually looks great when low, part your hair on the extreme side, then if you wish you could back comb the crown while sweeping the hair back from the temple and sides, then tie in a loose elastic band on the side like you would with a top bun, secure with bobby pins.

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3. Greek goddess

This is a classic, this works so good with greasy hair, just a simple braid to circle through the crown and done, you could braid and pin it around the nape of the neck . This always looks so cute and always a classic.

greek goddess

4. Hairband

By far the quickest is to use your fav headband and to make a bun or a pony,leave the hair open but conceal the grease with a hairband, superb.


5. French braid or fishtail

Back comb your hair at the crown with a fine comb, then gather all the hair to one side and start braiding loosely from the collar till the ends of the hair. The messier and more volume at the top of the head, the better, with the loose braid at the side or the nape of the neck as you like it.

french braid

6Beachy waves

Use a thick curler or a rod to lightly wrap the hair and hold for ten seconds, and spray and seal, dirty hair will hold the curl  very well.


7. Pony tails

Simple make a neat pony at the crown and done. This is a fav with many of us on bad grease hair days.


8. Waterfall braid

This is one of those hairstyles that’s way easier than it looks. brush the hair, part the top third of hair and start making a braid towards the back of the hair and as you reach the end drop the strand and start with the next section close to it.Continue braiding till the middle of the head till you run out of hair to pick for braiding.

waterfall braid


So what do you think ladies, greasy unwashed hair hold the styles better, they aren’t as bad huh?

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