Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body Butter Review

Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body Butter Review

Hi all,

Today’s review has me going yumm, it is my first body butter ever. I have always stuck to body lotions and creams. Although, I always found body butters really appealing, I somehow never got any. Thanks to my aunt who on her way back from abroad got us a gift set of cute little six piece body butters from Simple Pleasures.


This little bundle of joy got me and my sisters in a war with each one of us fighting to get our hands on all those cute little boxes out of the set.We were literally in a cat-fight to choose the flavors 😛

Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body butter 2

I finally managed to get my hands on two of them – one was “Marshmallow Fluff” and the other one “Gingerbread.” I know, the names sound so cute and fancy and the reason I mentioned “was” for ‘Marshmallow Fluff’ is because I have already finished it up and it only struck me now that I should review these for you guys. So, the variant I am going to review is the “Gingerbread.”

Product’s Name:

Simple Pleasures Body Butter in Gingerbread (1.6 fl oz/50 ml).


10 to 12 $ for a six piece set.

Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body butter 3

Product Description:

Simple Pleasures body butter keeps your skin soft and silky. This holiday gingerbread body butter gift set is wonderful because it gives you so many options. From marshmallow to gum drop you’ll love every one of these moisturizers.

Details:6-piece set includes: 1.69-oz. gum drop body butter, 1.69-oz. sugar plum body butter, 1.69-oz. gingerbread body butter, 1.69-oz. marshmallow body butter, 1.69-oz. winter mint body butter & 1.69-oz. candy cane body butter.


These body butters come in cute little plastic tubs with a screw on lid and with their variant/flavor indicated on the lid by very adorable and colorful description which make these even more adorable.The tub container is quite sturdy and can be carried around in your bag and is pretty much hassle free.

Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body Butter 4

My Experience with Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body Butter:

Like I mentioned, I have already used up the marshmallow variant and I am currently on with the Gingerbread body butter/  Now, keeping the variants aside, talking about these as body butters, I absolutely loved their hydrating quality. These kind of look and feel heavy and thick at first sight, but these amazingly get absorbed into the skin like a dream.  These body butters keep my skin hydrated for long hours, making it feel light.

Especially with the cold weather arriving, I am sure these body butters are going to take care of my dry skin and I can just relax throughout the day not having to worry about flaky skin anymore.

Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body Butter 5

Now, talking in comparison as variants, the marshmallow variant smelled like sweet perfume, it was very sweet yet subtle, nothing too bothersome, the fragrance would stay on for a while and gradually fade off.  Coming to the fragrance of gingerbread, it is too strong and pungent to my liking. It smells of cloves and cinnamon which does not really appeal to my senses. The smell itself is so strong that it would linger around for quite a while and then fade. People who are sensitive to pungent smells might not be able to stand this one, but I do love it for it’s hydrating properties.  I also wish the packaging was not tub type which is not very hygienic as I have to dip my fingers into it every time.

Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body Butter 8

I would suggest to try and get hold of these before the winters arrive in full swing.

Pros of Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body Butter:

  • Super hydrating.
  • Amazingly pocket friendly.
  • Good range of variants to choose from.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body Butter:

  • Very pungent smell.
  • Tub type packaging.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Simple Pleasures Gingerbread Body Butter?

Of course yes!!!!

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