8 Simple Ways to Stick to a Weight Loss Diet

Without a proper diet in place, weight loss can be a hard target to achieve because it’s possible to lose weight without exercising but the same cannot be said when the diet part is not taken care of. When you desperately want to shed extra weight and get lean by following a diet, it may seem that everything is working against you and preventing you from following the diet program. Isn’t it most frustrating when you cannot follow that one sure shot way that helps to melt away fat – sticking to a weight loss diet. So, in this post, we list down simple ways to stick to a diet program, and hey, all of them work!

Stick to a Weight Loss Diet

1. Start on a Sustainable Weight Loss Diet: A good diet should not deprive you of food – A weight loss diet should encourage you to eat the right kind of food, in the right quantity to melt away those extra layers. The issue with following a deprivation diet is that you would get off the diet sooner than you think, and it’s not sustainable at all. On the other hand, the weight loss diets on the Rati Beauty app are totally sustainable and encourage you to eat all kinds of food – vegetables, fruits, whole grains, daily food, and even healthy fats. If you have been following Rati Beauty diet programs, you would have realized how amazing your diet food tastes and what’s more, you are losing weight following them! Amazing, right!?
2. Set Small Yet Achievable Goals: When you set yourself short-term goals, you would most probably resort to crash dieting (extremely unhealthy) and would gain back all weight lost once you come out of it. Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals, hoping to lose 15 kg in a month. If you plan to lose 15 kg and you lose just 3 kg, it will probably push you back and make it difficult for you to march ahead. Set small milestones since they are more achievable, and once you reach them, you will be motivated to lose more because once you see results, it becomes an obsession.
3. Picking Food that would Keep you full for Longer: Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast, include fiber and healthy fats in other meals because it has been proven through studies that protein, fiber, and healthy fats keep you satiated for long, curbing appetite, and unnecessary hunger pangs. Find such meal recipes on the Rati Beauty weight loss diets.
4. Stop shopping for unhealthy and processed Food: If frequent hunger pangs prevent you from sticking to your diet, blame it all on processed food with high sodium, artificial flavours, sugar, transfat, and other unhealthy ingredients that trigger the release of “feel good hormones” from the reward center of the brain, increasing frequent cravings for such food, without taking into consideration whether you are actually hungry. So, stop shopping for processed food and pick whole foods instead because we tend to eat things that are easily accessible and available around the home.
5. If lack of motivation is a factor, then here are “10 Ways To Stay Motivated During Weight Loss Process.”
6. Reduce Stress: Anxiety, stress can trigger overeating, binge eating, and emotional eating, all of which can make it extremely difficult to stick to your diet. Find ways to de-stress, go for a walk when you feel stressed out, or indulge in an activity to take your mind off.
7. Indulge in Cheat Meal Once a Week: A good weight loss diet would encourage you to indulge in a cheat meal once a week, so does the Rati Beauty weight loss diet, because cravings can prevent you from following your diet religiously. Also, cheat meal resets a sluggish metabolism and also helps to stick to the diet better.
8. Sleep for at Least 7 Hours Each Night: Sleep deprivation, i.e., sleeping for less than 7 hours, has been found to trigger cravings for unhealthy food and increase the levels of hunger hormone “ghrelin” the next day, making it hard to follow any kind of weight loss diet. Make a conscious effort to sleep for 7 hours or longer to calm down out of whack hunger hormones and prevent cravings.

Hope these tips will help you to stick to your diet better and lose weight in the process.

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