Simple Ways To Revamp Your Look

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Many of us hesitate to go out of our comfort zone and attempt the latest fashion trend. It is not always necessary that makeover should involve an extreme style change like experimenting with a new hair cut or hair color. I am sharing some simple ways, which you can add in your day-to-day look to revamp your style.

Simple Ways To Revamp Your Look

Include a Statement Jewelry:

Simple Ways To Revamp Your Look

As the name implies, these jewelry make a ‘statement’. This could be a neck piece, statement ring, bracelet or earrings. This one piece of jewelry would add an ‘oomph’ factor to your look. Statement jewelry can be worn both in an office environment and in casual settings. Just make sure to wear only one piece of statement jewelry at a time. Wearing all the statement pieces together would make it look more like a clutter.

Accessorize your Hair:

Simple Ways To Revamp Your Look

There are multiple fun ways to transform your look by just accessorizing your hair. These accessories also come in handy if you are experiencing a bad hair day. You may chose from sparkling headbands, feather clips, decorative clasps or pins. Hats are also a great accessory when you want to arrive in style. You can go a step further and change your hair parting, which would instantly bring a noticeable difference.

Include Scarves in your Look:

Simple Ways To Revamp Your Look

Scarves have become a fashion piece on their own. Add it to your formal attire for a ‘chic’ look, wrap it on your head as a headband or even tie it on your handbag to make a statement piece. Scarves go well with both formal and casual attire and can be worn over shirts, casual tees, skirts and even dresses. They instantly add a charm to your look depending on what style you choose – from the lovely floral prints, geometric designs, block colors or the more assertive animal stripes.

Get a Bright Colored Nail Paint:

Simple Ways To Revamp Your Look

This is the simplest step for enhancing your style. Sticking to pastels and nude nail paints is easy as they require less maintenance. However add some bold colors of the season like dark navy blues, golden oranges and purples. You can further enhance it by adding a shade of glitter paint to it.

Add a Bold Color in your Look:

Simple Ways To Revamp Your Look

Sporting a dark color lipstick promptly brings attention to your face. However if this is not your cup of tea, there are other ways to wear bold colors. You can include it by wearing a bold colored heels or flats. It can also be added as a brightly colored purse or clutch or belt. While wearing bold colors make sure to not go overboard and restrict to maximum 3 colors in your entire look.

Bring Subtle Changes in your Makeup:

Simple Ways To Revamp Your Look

Instead of a black mascara, use dark blue or purple hued mascara on the lower lashes. You could also use colored eyeliner in place of black or brown eyeliners. A dash of bright color lip-gloss will immediately light up your face. Using makeup is fun and you can use it to your advantage to enhance your look.

It is not required to make all the above changes together but pick and choose which makes you more comfortable. Coco Chanel said “Before you leave the house remove one accessory”. But the best accessory you should always wear is your Smile 😀

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