Simple Wearable Makeup Look Using Lakme Eye Color Quartet – Peacock

Simple Wearable Makeup Look Using Lakme Eye Color Quartet – Peacock

Hello Ladies :joker:

I am so happy today. :yahoo: :yahoo:

Just shifted to a new house last week and was busy with the cleaning, unpacking and all. While sorting out things in the closet, I came across my makeup stuff, which I rarely use (was not a makeup person till IMBB happened to me), but like every other girl, I picked up stuff just for the keep. So, as I was going through all the stuff that are left untouched, I thought I’ll try something and see if it’s going to work out for me now (thanks to all the tutorials we have in IMBB). So, I experimented a bit with the peacock quartet and came up with this look and I am so happy sharing this with all of you, and a bit nervous too. :chewnails

Simple Wearable Makeup Look Using Lakme Eye Color Quartet - Peacock

The colors in the peacock eye quad are really vibrant and I wanted to do something colorful yet subtle. So I used all the four shades, but toned it down to a wearable level. :haanji:


It was so difficult to use the brush provided with the quad and I don’t own a single brush of any kind, so I ended up applying it with my fingers only. :sidefrown: But, I like this more because it gave me more control. I am just starting now, so I guess I did not mind it much. :tongue:


Used flirty turq on my lower lash line as well as water line.


With so many colours, I did not want to draw more attention to it, so avoided liquid eyeliner. Just put a very faint stroke of L’oreal kohl mineral to the lower lid.

Products Used:

From left to right:


Revlon Colourstay Active Liht Makeup SPF 25- 02 Buff.
Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation SPF 8- Shade 02.
Lakme Pure Radiance Blusher- Rose.
Lakme Eye Colour Quartet- Peacock.

From left to right:


Colorbar I-glide Eye Pencil- Flirty Turq 007.
Lakme 9 to 5 mascara.
L’oreal Paris Kohl Minerals 01 Previous Black.
Lakme Rose Powder 01 Soft Pink.

For lips, I’ve used this palette, which I picked up from a local store in Bhubaneswar (hometown) long back, isn’t it cute!!! :toothygrin: I loved the packaging and got it for 100 bucks only!!!! It’s quite moisturizing and staying power is also not bad. I shall use it more often.



This is the first time I’ve ever used so much makeup (well from a no-makeup girl to use this much makeup is actually “so much” for me). I did not know how it’ll turn out, so don’t have the step-by-step pictures, but I had so much fun experimenting with makeup and I am totally going to do stuff like this again and again.


Hope u like my look 🙂

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65 thoughts on “Simple Wearable Makeup Look Using Lakme Eye Color Quartet – Peacock

  1. :thanks: priya.
    i toh simply used my middle finger. it seemed easy as compared to the applicator tht lakme provides :methinks:

  2. You look lovely Jyo….especially the eye makeup na…its very subtle as well as yet attractive…… :jaiho: :haanji: :haanji: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

    1. he he. this is the second time i’ve applied blush on my cheeks. :haanji: :haanji: the first time was during my marriage ceremony. :yikes: the MUA did a really bad job n since then i never dared to use anything on my cheeks. m so glad u like this. now i’ll try n use this regularly :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. Lovely look!~ :toothygrin:
    And you are soo cute! :-*
    and yes,those palettes are nice na? I want one too….maybe 2 of them. :hihi: I found one shop that sells them for Rs. 30. 😐 😐
    But it’s not like I will use it very often,so I’ll buy one anyway. 😀

    1. thank you pragnya :))
      really!!! :stars: yeah evn i dont use the packaging was so cute i cudn’t resist myself. :tongue: :tongue:

    1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: thts a huge compliment for me shai. i wud say i was lucky tht day n somehow d finished look came out nicely. learned whatever i kno from this blog n tutorials only. :))

  4. Jyo, nice job! 😉 I find it hard to apply makeup using fingers only, yet you still look so pretty, especially in the last pic. :))

    1. :thanks: so much ida.actually i never hv used ny brush so dont kno how easy or difficult it is :toothygrin: to apply makeup wid thm. :silly: thts y dint miss nw goin to invest in thm soon :yahoo:

    1. thank u taps. hai na. :toothygrin: Evn i dint notice how nice some of d colors are in d pallette. was more thn happy lookin at the packaging itself :tongue:

  5. U r lukin really cute n sweet ,Jyo! :thumbsup:
    I so wanted da peacock quartet but wen I went to buy it last month,I was told it has been discontinued. 🙁

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