Sinful Colors Vacation Time Nail Polish Review,NOTD

Sinful Colors Vacation Time Nail Polish

Hello Beauties,


If nail polish is considered makeup then I am sure Nail polish must have been the first thing most of us love.. I used to love painting nails with my mom’s nail paints but it was not allowed in school, so Monday mornings my mom used to clean my nails while scolding me for using her nail paint. She always has tons of reds and maroons in her stash. But when I grew up me and my sister started buying our own nail paints and then our stash was always full of blues and greens and yellows with lots of sparkles. To cut the long story short, nail paint is something I love to buy and use. I like wearing bold colours on my nails, but sometimes they don’t look very appropriate at work. So, with those colours I also keep some natural shades with me, which are appropriate to wear at work. Sinful colors is a sister brand of Revlon, which makes only nail paints in different shades, texture and shine. They have a unique feature of checking the nail paint colour on their site. We can ever select our skin tone and nail length and can see how different nail paint shade looks on them.
Price: $5.20 for 0.5oz (I got mine on sale for $1.98)

My Experience with SinfulColors Vacation Time Nail Polish:

Vacation time, the name of the shade always makes me feel it will be a bold color. However in reality it is a very soft and laidback color, so may be the people who named this shade were thinking about a relaxed vacation 😉 It’s a rosy brown shade, which gives the needed colour to the nails without going loud. As I said it’s a very laidback or soothing shade, which makes it perfect to wear at work or to a place where you don’t know what shade is right on your nails.


It has a creamy finish and has no shimmer in it which makes it a more appropriate choice for ladies. The polish goes opaque in one application . The texture is just right which glides effortlessly on nails. It comes with big sized brush, which somehow collects so much product in it that it allows me to paint all my 5 nails at one go, no dipping of brush in bottle is required in between.


It dries faster, and gives a nice creamy finish to nails. The freshly painted shine remains on nails after 3-4 days . My nails paint in pictures is 2 days old, still no chipping and the shine is still on. So, on the lasting power it scores very well. I have applied only one coat, as it goes opaque in just one coat so I always feel lazy to put on  a second coat, however 2 coats will increase the staying power for sure. In totality this is a beautiful shade, which goes well for every formal occasion and dress. It’s not a boring shade, neither something not everyone can carry well, overall it goes well with every skin tone.

Pros of the Sinful Colors Vacation Time Nail Polish:

• Beautiful rosy brown shade.
• Shade looks nice on every skin tone.
• Goes opaque in just one coat.
• Easy to apply, long brush.
• Very good staying power, glossy finish stays for long.
• Not so expensive.


Cons of the Sinful Colors Vacation Time Nail Polish:

• Nothing I can think of.


IMBB Rating: 5/5

Will I be Repurchasing SinfulColors Vacation Time Nail Polish?

It i’s beautiful nail paint but I already have one more rosy brown shade with me, I would like to try new shades nevertheless.

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