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Hello IMBB Cuties.

Last month, my hubby, 2 kids and I went on a trip to Singapore. (The entire trip was a gift to us from very close relatives, on the occasion of our upcoming Silver Wedding Anniversary.) We all had a really great time there, and I would like to share some info and loads of photos of this awesome city. (All these photos have been taken on my son’s camera).

Singapore is a city that really stole my heart. I feel as if I’ve left a bit of myself there. Apart from being the safest city in the world – there is zero crime rate there – it is also spectacular in its modernity, cleanliness, discipline and above all – the people are extremely polite, friendly and helpful. I always used to get sweet smiles from strangers, and whenever we bought anything, they would wish us goodbye saying “Thank you, have a great day”.

We flew there by Singapore Airlines. Prices per ticket vary a lot, depending on how much in advance you book and buy your tickets. A return ticket from Kolkata costs Rs. 23,500/-, however you can get cheaper tickets for even about Rs. 16,000 on Bangladesh Biman and Rs. 18,000 on Air India Express. The flight from Kolkata to Singapore took 3 hours 45 minutes. We found the in-flight service very warm and friendly, the seats were spacious and comfortable with a foot rest too, and really good choice of food – either Continental or Indian. Changi airport is one of the best, if not THE best airport in the world.

We stayed 14 days in Singapore, with a 4-day trip out of Singapore in between (Part 2 and Part 3 coming up soon!!).

For just one night, we stayed here:


This cost Singapore Dollars 206 including VAT, for a family room for one night, which included a wholesome, decent breakfast. YMCA is bang in the heart of the city, located at One Orchard Road.

The rest of the time we were in Singapore, we stayed in a friend’s apartment, vacant; but fully furnished, at a luxurious condominium directly overlooking the Singapore harbor.

For getting around in Singapore, we used the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) = trains, quite a lot of times when we had long distances to cover, and rest of the time, we travelled around in taxis. English is the first language there, and we found most of the taxi drivers really friendly and talkative, and, of course, honest to the core.

Regarding our meals, hubby and I usually ate at the food courts in the various malls we visited and for dinner we were usually back in the apartment, and ordered home delivery from some nearby take-away joints. We also did a bit of grocery shopping daily from a nearby store for our breakfast, tea, coffee, yoghurt, etc. at the apartment.

Near the MacDonald’s outlet situated at the basement of Robinson’s Centre Point on Orchard Road, there is a tiny cake and sandwich place called “Toast Box” and there I had the best tea ever in my entire life for Singapore $ 1.80 per cup. I ended up having 4 cups!!

We let the kids go around themselves a lot and they did a real whole lot of sight-seeing and here are some photos :


Inside the museum:




My elder son outside the National Museum of Singapore :


Singapore Management University :


The Carlton Hotel :


Raffles Hotel :


Raffles City Shopping Centre :

The Fullerton Hotel with Marina Bay Sands and Skypark in the background :


The Singapore Flyer :



A Church:


Anyone hungry or thirsty?














Some pubs and bars at Clarke Quay :








My elder son at Boat Quay :




And last but not the least :


Hope you guys liked these photos!

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  1. hope you had a wonderful trip sabrina. . . :methinks: :methinks: :methinks: U refreshed my memories when i had been to singapore …. didnt u visit sentosa . .??? :teddy:

  2. Sabrina I feel like visiting singapore again.. such awesome photos .. i lovveedddd!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. Nice pics Sabrina!!! My bf visited Singapore few days back and he gifted me a Sephora body wash!!! its awesome 🙂

  4. soo much sight seeing… luks wonderful in ur pics sabrina :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: …n wht all shopping at sephora :waiting: :waiting:
    n reading about ur 4 cups of tea.. me too want to have it now.. i luv tea.. :starving: :starving:

    1. Thanks, Nids, I bought some Sephora creamy tints, lip glosses, eye liners, nail polishes, face highlighter, and a Lancome lip gloss. :makeup:

  5. Great pics, and it looks like you had a terrific vacation Sabrina. :)) Singapore does look super clean…did you eat at all those restaurants/bars? Makes me hungry! 😀 My best friend works and lives in Singapore now, and one day, I’ll visit her. :))

    1. Thanks a lot, Ida. My elder son visited all those restaurants and took photos. I just ate at a restaurant once – at Jumbo Sea Food Restaurant – near the harbour.

      1. Hehehe sugi…he’s gonna really be thrilled to read this….btw, hope your migraine goes away and you get better soon.

  6. wat a beautiful place singapore is :)) i will be visiting probably in December :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: n very nice pikchaasss ,u looking so fresh out there, wat all did u buy from sephora?

            1. i took combiflame… it always happen with my headache… i’ve consulted many doc for it, but sab apni hi theories sunate hai, mere headache ka reason and solution nai sunate…. my pandit told me k my head ache happens because my guru and chandrama fights… now tell me, if they fyt toh y do i have headache…. so idiff people diff psychology.. so i never eat any medicine, just rest, but this tym thora jyada tym hi reh lia headache.. and beleive me, its mind blasting…

              1. My god, ye kaunsi theories hain sugi :stars: :stars: :stars: i think u shud consult some homeopathic doctor, one of my aunts had it, infact she has it now also but with homeopathic medicine it is quite controlled and i knw how bad the pain is, i have seen my aunt facing the same 🙁 get well soon dear :puchhi: itne pain mei exams ke liye kaise padogi ?:)

                1. pata nai… and i’ve seen homeopathic doctor too… physiologist too.. neurosurgeon too.. did my head’s MRI… par doc couldnt say anything… watever it is… padhai toh karni padegi.. today or tomorrow.. hope it goes by tomorrow

    1. Hi Shivani, thanks a lot, I bought quite a few things from Sephora like creamy lip tints, nail polishes, lip glosses, lipsticks, face highlighter, eyeliners, etc.

    1. Paarkhi nazar :waytogo: :waytogo: btw hi Rads, have read so much of ur comments here but never got a chance to say hi to u.

  7. you look so cute in the last pic, Sabrina. i was also so excited to get my photee clicked in front of Sephora. That’s like our mecca :worship: :worship:

    1. Thanks a lot, Ankita. There’s just one pic of me (in Part 3). Part 2 no pics 🙁 See, my kids went around themselves separately and carried the camera with them, and the other camera which I had went out of order. 🙁 🙁

  8. sabrina u loook tooooo cute and adorable.. love the last pic… really u shud have put more pics of you :puchhi: :puchhi:

    1. Thank you so much, Neha. As I was just commenting to Ankita, my camera went out of order and hence, hardly any pics of me. :weep:

  9. My family which includes hubby me and my 2 year old daughter were there last week and i totally agree with your view….its an awesome place. You rekindled the sweet memory….

    1. Sabrina you avon representative na? I wanted to know how is the avon face pearls ? Are they good?Its on offer this month.

      1. Hi Taps, yes I’m an Avon rep. I haven’t tried the face pearls myself, but few people who have them, really like them a lot. I’m thinking of getting them for myself this month, let’s see. I think they have quite a frosty / shimmer effect, coz I have seen someone wearing it on her face.

  10. wwaawwwoooooooooooooo ……..wonderful trip and fab pics…………. :methinks: :methinks: just staring and staring :cyclops:

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