SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – Eye Review

About SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – Eye :
A solution inspired by 10 years of research. This potent serum instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. Used with Facial Treatment Essence, eyes look brighter and livelier.

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When used together with Facial Treatment Essence, hydration will be enhanced by 1.4 times compared to use of FTE alone
Reduces fine lines around the delicate eye area
Reduces the appearance of dark circles


₹ 5,198.50


sk II eye treatment essence ingredients

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I may not be a huge skin care person but I am definitely an eye cream girl.I fear my eyes will age sooner than I know and I never sleep without an eye cream.I do spend well on eye creams and had an Elizabeth Arden one to be opened soon, but when I got a chance to pick this one up, I picked up two, another one called step power eye cream, which I will review at least a month later.I have been using this eye cream, again, since Feb 21st and this is almost used up one third, you need very little of this rich eye cream; hence I think this would go on 4-5 months easily, when used a couple of times in the day.

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My eyes skin condition:
I just hit 30, childbirth,sleepless nights, laptop, late night movies with hubby, eye makeup has mainly given me darker skin around the eyes, no wrinkles or dry skin, but my main issue is puffiness and also deeper “gaddhas” reaching till the cheeks, I wish they would not recede like that with age. I can see the circle around my eyes getting larger with time.If nothing, let me keep it nourished.

My experience with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – Eye:

This comes in a regular SK-II red box pack, the pump is quite big for an eye cream and it comes with a similar heavy silver cap on it. The pump is top class and I must say, even in 6 weeks of daily usage, the bottle look super sturdy,you can easily slip this into your travel bag and nothing would go wrong. The pump works smooth and the bottle in a shiny creamy white shade looks luxurious too. I did not want to toss the outer box, but finally did after clicking the pics.

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The eye essence or cream is an almost thick light yellow smooth creamy textured cream. I would say it is not very oily, neither very watery,it feels rich and just right. I do need to nourish the eyes, I like my eye cream to be thicker when I sleep with it on. I don’t wear it under makeup.I do try to wear it after my skin care in the morning, but a very light touch. I already have oily eye lids, I don’t want to leave the house with oily under eyes , but just a like touch of cream under the eyes,I like.

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The cream is super rich for me, you would be surprised to know one-third of a pump is all you need for one application.One full pump would give you too much of the product and make the eyes area greasy, which would eventually roll into your eyes.I like the light oil content in it, I like how it need a light massage but still does not go too matte, it leaves under eye slightly greasy and well nourished.Dry skin around the eyes would love it, though it is not my concern currently.

I did not notice any magic with this essence, it did not lighten the darkness much, but I did notice the skin around the eyes looks plumper, fresher and firmer with this. I have been using it religiously for more than a month, almost twice a day, but I was seriously hoping it would lighten my darker skin around the eyes. It smoothed out my under eye skin, but on a gentler note, reducing pigmentation around eyes and puffy eye bags is too much to ask for, from any eye cream.Those are serious lifestyle issues that I have caused to myself, so an eye cream would help me nourish and soothe the eye area, which this essence does deliver.Hence I am not complaining too much.

I do have some allergy issues, so anything that stings my eyes could give me runny nose and sinus troubles in no time.This cream is so mild and gentle and scent-free that it seriously did not bother my eyes at all. It never ever stung my eyes and I could not even feel it on. I find it light yet potent for me!Also, I feel the cream has a slight yellow camouflage to it which kind of brightens the eyes like a yellow highlighting layer on the skin, but very mildly.

If you have dry eyes area, wrinkles, need something to soothe and slightly brighten the dull eye area, you can try this cream.However, do not pin too many hopes about magical treatments on this or any eye cream.This does nourish my eyes area the way I want it to. I recommend this more as a maintenance and nourishment cream, not as a repairing eye cream.

Pros of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – Eye:

  • Rich and creamy.
  • Slightly brightening tones in the cream color.
  • Right amount of water and oil feel to it.
  • Nothing too greasy.
  • Great for soothing and plumping the eyes area.
  • Great overnight eye essence.
  • Need very very little.
  • Settles quickly.
  • Does not sting the eye at all.
  • Gentle and mild.
  • Will last you a long time.
  • Sturdy never-fail pump.
  • Gives “brighter livelier eyes” -yes.
  • Reduces “fine lines” – yes.

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Cons of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – Eye:

  • Does nothing much to lighten dark circles.
  • Expensive
  • Does nothing for puffiness.
  • Nothing “instant” as claimed.

I am overall happy with the essence, it is the right combination of mild yet something that enriches my eyes skin. I wish it would work on my dark circles in the next 6 weeks too.

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  1. I think I have been sleeping under a rock because SKII is so easily available and cheaper compared to other countries here in Japan and I have never tried this before! I am so gonna get this! I have terrible eye bags..any suggestions how to reduce them?

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