SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser Review


This luxurious lathering cream is rich in purifying and cleansing ingredients to remove impurities and dirt from the skin. Containing concentrated Pitera and specially formulated to help leave your skin feeling comfortably conditioned and velvety smooth, SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser works to cleanse and purify while hydrating and balancing dry and oily skin to leave you with a flawless and radiant complexion.

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Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser cares for your skin while it cleanses. It contains Concentrated PiteraTM and Mild Treatment Essence that leaves your skin hydrated even 30 minutes after cleansing. Work up a fine-textured lather and enjoy its mild rose scent.

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You might have seen my haul HERE. For me, skin care is something on the side but makeup is always number one. Nevertheless I do appreciate a good skin care regime any day. I was using the Lotus Herbals Phyto RX range before this cleanser and was pretty happy with that. I started using this around Feb 21st and till date, have been using it around twice a day on an average;some days – even more.

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The cleanser comes in a simple white shiny tube, with a heavy metallic-looking cap which screws in place.The cap is heavier than the tube, the tube is pretty big and so far in around 6 weeks, this is down to one third, so 3-4 months max is what you are looking at if you use it twice a day. Now do your Math for the cost if you need.

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My skin type:
I just hit 30 and I do have a busy day, everyday, I have had acne issues earlier in Chennai, but now in the dry pleasant Pune weather, my skin has turned to dry-combination, which is almost surprising for me. I do need things to nourish, and now I always use gentle cleansers, nothing to rip the oil off my skin. I have some post-acne scar issues and pores too.

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My Experience with SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser:

The foam is pure white, mousse-like. It badly reminded me of the Pond’s range of face washes, especially the charcoal-based one, that leaves your skin awfully matte.Well this cleanser feels like a lighter toned-down gentler version of the Pond’s washes .You need a two peas-sized or less of this cream for one wash.It is very light and does not foam, you can say it turns into a foamy creamy texture when massaged with water, and if I massage it for 30 seconds, it kind of gets absorbed into the skin,so do not use too much to make it lather, it does not.

The scent is very very mild, almost unnoticeable and smells like some sweet chemical (rose they say?).It is not bothersome but nothing exciting either.The foam is very gentle, it is true to the claims of being a gentle cleanser.Few early washes did impress me, my skin was raidant, even toned, matte but still soft, not dry at all. There was no untoward sensation for my sensitive skin. I thought this is truly gentle and meant for sensitive skin’s mild cleansing. I think mildly dry, normal and combination skin would like it most.

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After using it for a month, I could see it had stopped working for me. My skin looked the same, nothing great, the fresh skin feel post wash did not last much. I did initially think this is giving me cleaner and even toned skin without making it too dry, but in the month of March, I craved for moisturiser too post using this cleanser. It does not dry out skin but it is something I would not recommend to dry skin either. Very oily skin would not feel thoroughly cleansed either with this. I think it is best used by sensitive combination skin that is out in the sun, as I think this does some job at making skin tone even.

All this while, I did not face pimple issues, what ever clogged pores were there came out pretty smooth without acne or infection.It does not clog pores despite being creamy.

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It has not done any thing permanent to my skin, feels gentle for a morning cleanser, may be removes light powder makeup, does not sting the eyes, and leaves skin matte and soft, but I have experienced this with many other washes, I will not be buying it again so to say..not a bad cleanser but nothing magical either.

Pros of SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser:

  • Mild and foams gently(creamy)
  • No overpowering scent
  • Good amount of product you get there.
  • Need little product for one usage.
  • Leave skin matte and lightly cleansed
  • Evens out skin tone
  • No skin irritation
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Great as a light morning cleanser
  • Skin does feel “comfortably conditioned and velvety smooth”

Cons of SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser:

  • Nothing permanent after using it for a long time.
  • Too oily and dry skin can avoid it.
  • Too expensive.
  • My skin has become neutral to its effect after a month.
  • Nothing magical for the cost it comes at.

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  1. Aww… I have heard a lot of good things about SK-II. 🙁
    Waiting for more reviews from you Neha. 🙂

  2. It’s hard to digest that there is nothing magical about a cleanser which costs 4k. :O And on top of that ingredient list shows all kind of parabens! Sounds rather disappointing. 🙁

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