SK-II Stempower Eye Cream Review

About SK-II Stempower Eye Cream:
This revolutionary eye cream addresses 10 skin ageing concerns while rejuvenating the skin around the eyes. The lightweight, intensive treatment is formulated with a blend of ingredients, including concentrated Pitera and peptides to moisturise and drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines and signs of ageing by targeting the delicate skin around the eye for a more youthful appearance.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream (7)

Reduces the appearance of dark circles
Tackles fine lines and the signs of ageing
Improves skin texture leaving it radiant and firm around the delicate eye area.

₹ 6,638.00

After using the essence for the eyes, reviewed here, I tried this stronger-looking eye cream.This feels more concentrated and heavy than the essence I tried earlier.The essence was more like a lotion and this one is thicker creme-like,in any case you need to use very little quantity of both. The essence bottle pump is on its last leg and I have been using this cream for a month now. I even carried this to England for a few months till I am here. Now, clearly, this is more of a favorite of mine, I would chose this over the treatment essence I used before.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream (7)

The stem power cream comes in a heavy glass jar, which is quite big for an eye cream. The jar is securely placed in a plastic case in the box, and it also comes with a tiny little spatula to scoop out the product so your tub-style eye cream remains hygienic,nice touch SKII! Though it has a light cover on the top of jar once you screw open the cap,I realized my cream is a mess after travel.The cream is now around the neck of the jar, and the cap too.Too much of a wastage for such an expensive product I say.

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The quantity you get is not too much, any which way, you need a very tiny amount of the cream, literally touch your ring finger in the pot and lift it in a second 😛 spatula would scoop out too much. The cream is a yellow-colored one,and every time I use it, I feel this is a concentrated and potent formula. It is unlike any other eye creams I may have tried in the past.The jar and the whole red color has an appeal to it. It looks pretty sitting on my dresser here.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream (9)

The cream is not oily or greasy, it seems like a right blend of oil and water for your delicate under eye area.What I also like about this one is that this has almost no scent to it.I wish the instructions were in English for all SKII products. The jar is again glass, so you need to be careful with it. I use this only at night, since I think this is a potent cream to work overnight. The cream feels lightly greasy on the eyes, this is another reason I do not wear it during the day. It is slightly nourishing-greasy and not oily, you need very very little under any case.

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This absorbs in around 30 seconds and you can still feel it on you.This instantly lifts up the puffiness and eye area feels nourished. It does not have any tint to it, like many others I have tried have some sort of golden tint to it to cover dark circles. I could instantly see the difference in pigmentation around eyes within one week, eyes looked brighter and dark circles were lighter, of course only marginal since it is almost impossible to erase lifestyle-related dark circles in my case.The eye area felt softer and less puffy in another week.I think this is highly suitable for 30+ women, particularly who have dry eye area and fine lines. I think more than my dark circles, this works for lifting up the eye brightness look overall.This would work wonders to smooth and make the eye area taut and bright. this cream works but of course no miracles involved.

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The jar should last 3-4 months in my opinion, this is a wonderful hydrating, smoothing, softening brightening eye cream which is recommended for mature skin than “a twenties maintenance cream”.I find the cream very gentle, there was no sensitivity when I used it for my eyes, I recommend it as a night eye cream. “Youthful appearance” is exactly what it delivers like claimed.Not so much for pigmentation or dark circles.It is a rich nourishing cream, go easy with it and use it religiously.

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