Skin Care and Health Care Benefits of Coconut

Top Benefits of Coconut

Ever wondered why this is the only fruit offered to God in temples ? It signifies purity, toughness and yet retains the ability to break open .Other than spiritual causes the main factor to induce coconut in religious encounters is the benefit it imparts.This is one resourceful fruit which has varying uses at different stages of its life cycle.


When coconut is young its belly is filled with a transparent liquid popular by its name-coconut water. This is an ammunition of minerals,vitamins and proteins and very low carbs. To list out its goodness for health and beauty is a sheer insult to coconut but we shall attempt it nevertheless.

• Coconut water is a pre-cursor of the white meat we see in a mature fruit.
• It is rich in anti-oxidants ,proteins, minerals, fiber, sugars, vitamins ( Vit C , Folic ,Biotin etc )
• It is free of fat, cholesterol .The presence of natural minerals/salts permits it to be a source of instant energy and vitality. The natural salts replenishes a dehydrated body. Hence, its efficacy in fighting sun-strokes in summer.
• It gives respite for those suffering from kidney problems
• Provides relief from constipation due to presence of fiber.
• It improves the digestive process by flushing out toxins. Body absorbs oxygen easily thus pushing the metabolism levels to an upper degree.
• Coconut water splashed on face will work as a cleanser and toner. Throw in your favorite ingredients like honey, milk, other fruit to make it work as a face mask. This would aid in getting good riddance of acne problems.
• It hydrates the skin thereby working on those annoying wrinkles and frown lines.

Now, these benefits will not accrue with a single bout of this miracle water. Consume it as regular as you can. As its diuretic you can guzzle this on your way back home in evening. Westerners try this in tetra packs or those little bottles. Fortunately, we have the natural available at home.

Green Coconut

The Good Samaritan nature of coco is not over yet. The intermediary stage between water and the white meat is the gel kind of stage. It’s a semi-transparent stretch over the walls and is very rich in nutrients. As the coconut matures the water becomes the meaty and milky coconut flesh. This is equally good natured and imparts a lot of uses.

• Lauric acid is found in breast milk. It boosts the child’s immune system.Coco milk ( blend fresh coconut and squeeze the juice ) has Lauric acid and hence aids in fighting foreign organisms in an adult. Result – high resistance .

coconut milk
• It has anti-oxidants,iron and phosphorus .Iron helps in fighting anemia and phosphorus is important for bone health and density.
• For home-made coconut oil ,allow the coco milk to simmer on low till a clear liquid forms. Your own oil is ready. Take as required and boil some curry leaves in it before applying.The iron content promotes hair growth.
• Hair growth.-coco milk +oil of your choice + lemon + curry leaves + amla powder. Apply in sections to hair. Use regularly to see improvement.
• Apply coco milk as a stand-alone ingredient to hair. It hydrates hair and encompasses the major uses of coco oil.
• If milk is not your passion just munch the coco with jaggery or a little sugar.
• Cook rice with coco milk for a divine aroma and flavor. It is a treat for the tongue.

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29 thoughts on “Skin Care and Health Care Benefits of Coconut

  1. Love to have coconut water 🙂 plus love dishes that have coconut milk in them(like thai curry,malaysian curry etc )
    When i was younger my mom used to apply cocobut oil and fresh coconut milk to my hair like twice a week…my hair was long n thick then 🙂

  2. welcome to imbb , reddy. 🙂 I am not too fond of anything coconut except coconut water and coconut burfi. Can have them anytime and in any amount. 😀

    good article! 🙂

  3. Wowwww , soo amazing benefits are, hey na?? We have everything in this nature, we just have to reach out to them ! Wonderful ! :thumbsup: :thanks:

  4. Gr8 article Reddy!! :yes: :yes:
    I’ve heard rinsing hair with coconut milk keeps frizz and flyaways at bay.. :))

  5. i remember in diwali my mom used to mix ubtan in coco milk and we used that on our winter torn skin. we also put coconut milk in our scalps and hair.. these old rituals are such beauty friendly ways its not funny. and i remember since it used to be the first morning of diwali, i almost never washed off all the coco milk frm hair properly and used to have the rotten coco smell in my hair in a day or two. but it was the best therapy for dry hair and dry skin…

  6. i visited the ‘Forest Essentials’ store in one of the malls yesterday. Their stuff smells really good. The lady gave me a demo of the Coconut and the Rose body polisher. pretty nice. Have any of you tried Forest essentials..they have plenty of this Ubtan stuff and lots of skincare, shampoos makeup though. :((

  7. i can eat coconut,sleep coconut and bathe coconut .forget!
    i just love coconut.can survive all summer on coco drink eva made!

  8. never tried coco milk for hair…:) nice article reddy….coconut is an ever existing fruit in my south indian household…. :))

    1. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:
      come ……i will feed u coconut everyday till u say never ever….. :phoolan: :phoolan:

  9. i would neevr say neevr woman.!i just i just would ask my friends down south to prepare swet and sour-spicy dishes wid coconut everydya whn i lived with them.its a blessinggg!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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