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Kangan Asks:

I am kangan. I have been following this blog fr many months now,as a silent reader.You people are doing an awsm job. i have been a skin care mini maniac fr ovr 1 yr itis a pain to find the right product by hit n trial method..this blog has proved godsent for me in tht sense.

I started using nutrogena dry touch sunblock,lotus sunscreen gel,lakme daily wear souffle, aloe gel aftr reading about them… some iliked,some-not so much..nevrtheless thanks a tonne..

I have never never been a makeup person,bt you ladies have tempted me to try alot of stuff. I’ll try n tell you about my experiences.I am reading a lot of makeup reviews n specially like most eye makeup tutorials..coastalscents 88 pallete,sweets palette,maybelline chai latte quad-they are all so tempting.You girls rock!luv d way you hav fun here..

I am 21 yr old..combination skin.I have been followin ctm twice daily for more dan 6 months now.

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i use-himalaya neem face wash,ayur astringent wid aloe vera,nutregena oil free moisture fr combination skin.. of late,i smtyms skip neutrogena and apply nature aloe gel in evenings…now my problem is wid recurring acne on forehead, cheeks near the nose, and chin…d t-zone mostly.It is not v.bad but i hav flawless skin smdays nail this some other times.I dunno y and often when i wake up after a good nite’s sleep-my face has no blemishes,nothing as the day progresses, a little oil accumulates n pimples come andgo..phew.. i hope u undstood..

I have these questions

1.Please suggest some good toner,I want to change mine.
2.I read here about tbs aloe toner n fabindia tea tree,which would be better for me?
3.Where to find fabindia or tbs in west delhi?lifestyle?
4.Where to find brihans aloe gel?
5.Could my prob because if Ayur astringent?i read sm bad things abt astringent few days bak..

Thanks to rati,preetha,jomol,akshata,taps,n ol of u…sry i just remembr dese names abi.I have read n njoyed ur reviews..v.informative blog..

Hope you wil help me again…


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  1. Hi Kangan,
    Acne on forehead mostly occurs due to do check if you have any..if yes than trying a good dandruff shampoo..i am using Nizoral and it works really well.
    As for a good toner, try using body shop tea tree toner or seaweed toner..tea tree I have used and its good also aroma magic basil toner is also good.
    As for as TBS and FabIndia in delhi..check out their websites and you’ll find the locations present in them 🙂
    Hope this helps!

    1. hey i agree with Parita. I am using the TBS seaweed toner and its really good. I love the smell most of all 🙂 I sometimes alternate with te Everyuth cleanser/toner which contains rose water, tea tree oil and gycerine. it is working very well too (much cheaper than the TBS too). Everytuh you should get in most stores. The Everyuth walnut scrub is very good too.

  2. Let me answer u one by one:
    1. for the toner u may try tbs tee tree toner.
    2. i hope my first answered ur this query
    3. TBS: Shop No. 12, Ground Floor
    Westgate Mall, Shivaji Place
    Raja Garden, Ring Road
    New Delhi
    Tel: 91-11-42225574
    >Shop No. 14
    DT City Centre Mall, Shalimar Bagh
    New Delhi – 110033
    Tel: 91-11-47038563
    >Shop No . 06
    Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar
    New Delhi – 110018
    Tel: 91-11-45733151
    > Centric Plaza, 1st Floor, Plot No. 8,
    Sector -11, Pocket – 4, (MLU) Dwarka,
    New Delhi – 110075
    >Vishal Cineplex Complex, Before TDI Mall,
    4. i have no idea abt aloe gel, i use my plant 😉
    5. astringent strip ur natural oil thus ur skin glands produce more. Ayur products are not good either.
    Near Rajouri Garden Metro Station,
    Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110027

  3. stick to your CTM.Wash your face with antibacterial facwash.use a good toner (ayur’s is little harsh) TBS’s one is gud i have tried it but my life saver is Kaya revitalizing tonic.So everyone’s skin is unique there is no universal solution to acne.

    sunscreen works only for 3 hours after that its just cream on ur skin .this can also clog pores and give pimples ..Do wear sunscreen but make sure you wash it after wards .

    i think before all that…keep ur surrounding hygenic . keeping ur keyboard clean …use a differnt napkin for ur face every day. keep sanitizers handy.Dont touch ur face without washing ur hands.Cover ur face whn going on bike /in dust.

    Drink gallons and gallons of water.It flushes all the badness out of ur body.U can also have green tea ,it wont show any diff in th begining but gradually you will see that ur acne has subsided.

    I can write pages and pages of this from my experience of 10 years of acne..(mild to sever)but i gues this shud help .

  4. pls tell which fabindia one will be good I can find fabindia at my place not TBS pls it would help me too :puchhi: :worship: :worship: :worship: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:

  5. Good Toner: TBS Seaweeed Toner. This SERIOUSLY wipes impurities! Even after washing my face, I wipe my face with this toner and it always traces more dirt out! I didn’t really like this product at first but continued to use it. One day I ran out of cotton pads so for like two weeks(I know, I’m so lazy!) I didn’t use this toner and I got blisters all over my face! :sick:

    TBS and Fab India products: I think you’ll find them in their respective brand shops. Usually when I see their products out of their original store, they’re either damaged or pretty old :\

    Oh and a quick tip: It’s said if a product works for some people doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you as well. The vice versa is true as well. Some products will have bad review but that product might be just the one for you. (Of course, I’m not talking about the products that are rated below 1 out of 5 lol) So I say better stick to trying and testing out products for yourself. Oh and give time to a product. It might suck at first give it a week or two and then decide if it suits you. 🙂

  6. I have used the Fab india tea tree toner and I still have 80% of it left..its has a pretty strong smell,and really does nothing ! I havent used ayur one,but I have heard it is pretty strong
    My acne occurs at the same areas you mentioned ,I would suggest to chuck toners ,they did nothing for my acne ..and integrate Multani mitti in your regime,use it every 2-3 days ,it will absorb all the moisture and dry out the pimples naturally without leaving any marks 🙂

    1. ritika a small tip for u :
      wash ur face with a soap free cleanser before going to bed or ur usual prescription cleanser.

      dab ur face dry with a tissue paper rather than a towel or handtowel very gently. this way ur towel or hand towel will remain clean plus ur face will have lesser chances of cross contamination.

      in case u dont want to apply any night cream then dust ur face/ acne/ oily area with besan + turmeric. 1 teaspoon besan ( gramflour) + a very tiny tiny pinch of turmeric. use turmeric from the spice packet rather than the kitchen ka masala dibbi

      thats it. the besan will absorb the oils and the turmeric will do the job of an antiseptic + healer.

      u may give it one try to see whether it works on ur skin or not 😉

      1. Hi Kanika 🙂

        I use a medicated face wash prescribed by my doc and for night cream toh lacto calamine has done a lot for me . My acne is almost gone,thanks to so much kharcha I had to do on dermotologists :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:
        I will definitely try besan and turmeric ,thanks a lotttt :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

  7. you can try tea tree water from Lush. I have an acne prone skin and I never had problem with that.
    I would suggest you use a Good oil free cleanser (You should try Cetaphil)

    DON’T use anything creamy. I had severe acne problems few years before, it grew so much and so disgusting that I HAD to visit a Dermatologist (when everything stopped working) and believe me I soo regretted not going earlier! He prescribed some medicines and a Face wash. In few weeks my acne cleared. He advised me not to use ANY cream on my face. So, if in few weeks your acne doesn’t clear- visit a Dermatologist

    Apart from this..keep washing your face with water in few hours (only water) and don’t use your cleanser more than twice in a day.

    And you should keep a check of your everyday activities- including what you eat/ what you apply on your face/ for how much time you stay in sun etc. which will help you know what is the cause of your acne (Since you said that sometimes your skin is clear)

  8. Hey Kangan,

    You can get the Brihans Aloe Vera gel from any chemist shop easily. I have been using Biotique’s bio cucumber pore tightening freshner and it is very effective in controlling oil but since you have combination skin I will suggest using more of the toner only in your T-zone. Definitely buy an anti-dandruff shampoo and check if you have zits on your back as well because if it is because of dandruff, forehead and back go together. You can even try Sebamed’s cleansing bar or facial foam(whichever suits your budget), they are soap free and work wonders for acne prone skin. I hope this helped 😉

  9. another tip for a zit free skin is to not let the zit take over ur face and life 🙂 😉 😉 😉 but how ?:) ?:)
    simple- do not wait. :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller:
    yes, if u experience an outburst or sudden increase in oil secretion then consult a dermat before its too late. do not subject ur ace to ur experiments of trial and errors. ur pimples might disappear or recede with the advice of ur friends’ tips and nuskas but then might leave ur face with lot of marks making it look like a failed experiment. u may try the home remedies but do not get adventurous with cleansers and toners just because they worked on someone 😐 😐 😐 all medicated cleansers and toners and creams have different percentages of chemicals and ingredients. some act by microbicidal action( killing microbes cos ur acne have got infected) and some by plain drying action( they control or limit the oil secretion) and some by both. so play safe.
    again, someones’ remedy might not be ur medication to clear skin :thanks:

    1. I agree with you Kanika.
      I suffered with severe acne almost my entire teenage.
      My biggest mistake was not to visit a Dermatologist before. I just sat at home..experimented with various products/home made solutions and wished that my acne would disappear in one night :nababana: :nababana: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

      Now I suggest everyone who has this sort of problem to book an appointment with a Good Dermat instantly

  10. Hey.. this is my first comment..
    i suggest u skip ur aloe gel for some time n continue with your ritual of CTM.. I faced similar problems last year when i started using aloe gel to moisturize my face instead of my regular moisturizer n was perplexed.. but when my first pack of aloe gel was over I used normal moisturiser for sometime since I couldn’t get time to buy it again n all my pimples, acnes disappeared…

  11. hey ol..
    thanks!!for d overwhelming response!! its dificult to try n rep individually,but i ll try..
    n thanks rati for posting my question..i hav stopped using ayur astringent fr a few days now..lets c how it goes..till then i ll try to lay my hand on another good toner..
    @parita-yes i do hav mild dandruff..hmm,cud b coz of dat..
    @purva-yess,i v noticed dt wen i hv no tym n i simply wash my face n apply nutrogena moisture,i m better off..

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