Skin Care for Dry Skin- 1

Dry Skin Care
Dry Skin Care

Skin Care for Dry skin: Causes of Dry Skin

With the onset of winter, the dry itchy skin is inevitable and so is the fact that women are found grumbling and going crazy looking for the right moisturizer or cold cream to soothe the itchy skin daemon.

Well, winter shouldn’t be blamed solely for dry skin; dry skin is possible anytime and anywhere throughout the seasonal cycle. But there is a particular myth with the “winter itch”. Now in this article I am not just spilling out facts on the occurrence of dry skin but also giving in some great tips to prevent, treat and deal with it. So read on, trust me it’s gonna be an interesting read.

To start of with, the “winter itch” is mainly caused because of the low humidity and temperatures prevailing in winter which leads to the depletion of the skin’s lipid stratum. This depletion of the natural lipid results into dry skin. Just like the “winter itch”, the summers can also deteriorate your skin by sucking of the moisture from it and with this trust me moisture is not the only solution.

On the other hand dry skin could be a resultant of heredity, aging or other factors, as listed below:
• Dry skin can occur when the oil glands do not function properly and do not provide ample lubrication and hydration to the skin.
• Poor diet can also result in dry skin problems. Deficiency of vitamins like vitamins A and B contribute vitally to dry skin problems. Lack of lipids and essential natural oils in the body result in dry skin.
• Excessive use of cosmetics and chemical products tend to make the skin dry.
• Harsh soaps and cleansers suck the oils and moisture from the skin thus making it dry and desiccated.
• Under active or hidden thyroid can also cause dry skin.
• Asthma and diabetes contribute in the occurrence of dry skin on a very large scale.
• Diuretics, antihistamines, antispasmodics and certain drugs cause dry skin problems too.
• Pruritus can also result in intense itching due to dry skin which can intensify to deep bleeding fissures.
• Alcohol and caffeine contribute to skin dryness.

Skin Care Dry
Skin Care Dry

• Prolonged Diarrhea, nausea, sweating and fever can also cause dry skin.

If the irritation and inflammation is prolonged please consult your doctor immediately. It may be an indication to the basic dermatitis. Here are some symptoms and kinds of dermatitis:

• Seborrheic dermatitis: This occurs when you have swelling or inflammations on various body areas particularly which have oil glands like the scalp, sides of the nose and eyebrows.

• Allergic contact dermatitis: This occurs when an immune reaction is caused when the skin comes in contact with a gist like the poison ivy. It causes scaling fingers.

• Atopic dermatitis: Better known as eczema, is a hereditary skin affliction which causes excessively itchy and dry skin.

• Athlete’s foot: It’s a fungal infection which shows up on the soles of the feet.

Dry skin is super sensitive due to the lost level of sebum and it appears parched or desiccated due to the absence of moisture. It gives an uncomfortable “tight” feeling unless moisturized after showers and otherwise. Cracking and chapping of skin is due to extreme dehydration and dryness of skin which is a result of low temperatures in winters and also extreme air conditioning in summers.

The skin around the eyes and cheeks are inevitable to show the results of dry skin the most since the dry skin tends to get drawn on bones mostly. The lip and mouth corners also show up dry skin often.

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