10 Skin Care Secrets from Expert Hollywood Dermatologists

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBB folks,

We all are aware of the Indian skin care secrets since our teenage but do you know what expert dermatologists of many Hollywood celebs recommend? Here I will be listing down some of the best-kept secrets from renowned dermats and facialists. Take a look!


1. Preventing breakouts


Maintain a safe distance from products containing benzoyl peroxide. Skin care products which have this ingredient can cause your skin to dry. Dry skin can further cause sebum production and increase in breakouts.

2. Stay away from additives

You need to maintain a safe distance from any additives in your skin care products. Avoid products with perfumes or alcohol. They can cause any kind of reaction or breakouts on your skin.

3. Check certifications and proofs

Don’t spend your precious bucks on products that can damage your skin or hair. Read and research about the product thoroughly before buying it. You should always rely on well-researched products that others have tried-and tested.

4. Shrink puffy eyes


Puffy eyes can give a very bad appearance to your entire personality. Excess fluids can cause your body and especially eyes to swell up, making your face look all puffed up and ghastly. So, try to look for anti-inflammatory ingredients like cucumbers and chamomile in your eye care products.

5. Diminish cellulite

Let me tell you a very easy trick of how to get rid of cellulite with time. When you step out of the shower, apply a cellulite cream which has caffeine as the primary ingredient. This should be your first post-shower step. Apply with stronger strokes and then you can see your cellulite disappearing soon.

6. Fairer underarms

Are you shy of wearing sleeveless dresses or raising your arms in public? Then this trick is for you. Try to book a botox treatment or an appointment 1-2 weeks prior to your big day. Botox will help you to eliminate sweat and will reduce blackness too.

7. Treat body burns or blemishes

Blemishes can attack you anytime and getting rid of them is not always easy. Take away your sweaty clothes. Apply a spray with benzoyl peroxide on your bare body. Let it dry and then wear dry clothes.

8. Tighten pores


Did you know that sleeping in a cold room can help you shrink pores? Well, it’s true. Cold will shrink your body and thus your pores will turn smaller. Sleep in a cold room and see your pores shrinking in no time.

9. Infusing oxygen

You might not have heard of this practice as it is not very common in India. If you are a bride-to-be you can try using oxygen supplements or oxygen injections. This will give an instant plump to your skin by keeping it hydrated and glowy.

10. For brides-to-be


Brides to need to take special care of their skin for their big day. Brides-to-be should give up dairy products, products containing yeast and gluten products. These will give your skin a much-needed radiance and boost.

So these were some of the fab skin care tips and tricks from dermatologists. Hope you liked them. Implement these tips in your real life and let us know the difference.

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