10 Skin Care Tips for Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be turmoil of emotions as well as your hormones. While you can do something about the emotions, you cannot have control over hormonal changes. Because of all the hormonal changes, it becomes all the more important to take care of your skin during pregnancy. In today’s post, let’s talk about skincare tips that you can follow during your early pregnancy as well as later in your pregnancy too!

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1. Fill Up on Folic Acid

If your skin is suffering from hyper pigmentation, then it could be because of folate deficiency. Your gynaecologist might prescribe you prenatal supplements to help with the deficiency, but if you want to go all natural, then include green leafy vegetables, oranges, whole-wheat bread, and whole-grain cereal in your diet.

2. Protect Yourself

Your skin becomes extra sensitive during pregnancy, so ideally you should be wearing an SPF 30 or more on a daily basis no matter what the weather is! Sunscreen will protect your skin from harsh UV rays of the sun. Do not forget to reapply if you are out in the sun for longer hours.

3. Clean Up Well

Make sure to wash your face and rinse thoroughly, especially around your hairline and jaw, where pores tend to get clogged. Use very gentle cleanser which is hydrating for the face. Try a non-soapy cleanser like Cetaphil, which is less likely to irritate and dry out your skin.

4. Don’t Over Scrub

As I have discussed above, you probably have extra sensitive skin during pregnancy and over washing or getting overaggressive with scrubs doesn’t work at this stage. Over scrubbing will strip your skin of its natural moisture, which in turn causes your oil glands to go into overdrive trying to replenish what you’ve removed, making it more prone to breakouts. So, listen to your skin and scrub accordingly. Scrubbing once or twice a week should be more than enough.

5. Read Before you Buy

You need to be extra cautious about what you are slathering on your skin during pregnancy. Make sure that skin care products you buy are oil-free and are labelled non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic. Also, there are over 10 chemical ingredients you should steer clear of while pregnant including parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, chemical sunscreens, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and aluminum chloride.

6. Increase your Dietary Intake of Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing. While extra vitamin A supplements can cause birth defects, try to get vitamin A from ingredients like milk, fish, eggs, and carrots.

7. Eat Smart

Unhealthy fats found in fried foods and many baked goods can aggravate acne, so replace these eats with skin-boosting healthy fats like avocado, salmon, walnuts, and almonds. Cut back on sugar and refined grains and opt for whole grains instead.

8. Don’t Steam

If you are the one who like to steam your face, then you might have to avoid it during pregnancy. Due to oversensitive skin during pregnancy, steaming your face will remove your skin’s natural oils, making it dry and itchy.

9. Seal Everything with a Moisturizer

Dry skin is a given when you are pregnant. Invest in a moisturizer that is oil-free and does not have any scent. Reapply it whenever you feel the need. Also, use a nice moisturizing night cream before sleeping.

10. Avoid Acne Medication

Due to over worked hormones, acne is very common during pregnancy. Oral or topical acne medications have some ingredients that are absorbed through your skin and into your baby’s bloodstream. So, try to avoid acne medications as much as possible.

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