Skin Care Tips for Workouts

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Why do we workout? To look our best or to get healthy, but what if your hard work to shed off the fat is damaging your skin. Sweating during your workout sessions leads to more dead skin build up and can cause breakouts. Don’t be demotivated, this article is here to tell you what you can do to keep your physique fit without compromising with your squeaky clean skin.

Skin care tips for workouts

• Makeup and sweat together doesn’t sound so good does it? No matter what kind of water proof and sweat proof products you use going to the gym with your makeup on will lead to it being trapped with the sweat and cause a breakout. Before your workout remove all traces of makeup from your face. Use a makeup remover or facial wipes and use a toner to make sure your skin is free to breathe.

• Tie your hair up and make sure they don’t fall on your face. You can also wear a head band so that the sweat doesn’t drip on your face, it’ll look retro I know but your skin will thank you for it.

• Apply a moisturising lip balm because we tend to breathe through our mouth while working out and that makes our lips dry.

• Bring your own towel. I know most of the gyms keep fresh towels but they are washed in a bulk so it’s not guaranteed to be totally germ free.

Skin care tips for workouts

• Apply a non comedogenic sunscreen if you are going to work out in the sun. And also make sure your sunscreen is water based and sweat proof.

• Wear loose clothing this will help your sweat to dry faster and avoid any infections. And if you workout at a gym or someplace where people use the same equipment avoid shorts and backless tops to keep your skin safe from any infection.

• After you are finished with your workout. Clean your face using your regular cleanser. People who work out tend to have more dead skin cells, so I recommend using an exfoliating brush or silicone pad along with your cleanser. Follow this with a toner (if you use one) and a moisturiser.

Skin care tips for workouts

• Make sure you use a scrub once a week to keep your complexion even clearer. Follow it up with a mask. Hard work calls for some pampering too 😉 .

• If you are not able to wash your face right after your workout carry cleansing wipes or baby wipes to clean your face.

• Don’t neglect your body since it’ll have even more dead skin cells than your face. Use a loofah (it also helps a little in getting rid of cellulite). And after the shower use a good moisturiser. If you’re working out to lose weight, or perform weight training exercises or stretch (which you definitely should) use a heavy duty moisturizer on the areas where you’re likely to get stretch marks. Moisturising is the only thing that’ll prevent stretch marks.

Skin care tips for workouts

• If your hair gets greasy use a dry shampoo because washing your hair daily will damage them a lot. If you don’t want to splurge on a dry shampoo Mayuri shared some great DIY dry shampoos here. I love the cocoa powder tip it’s seriously a life saver.

• Make sure you eat healthy stay away from white carbs and processed food. Increase your fibre intake. And also drink lots of water. This will not only help you achieve your dream figure but will also keep diseases at bay and make your skin glow.

• Last but not the least sanitize your phone or iPod or any gadget you use during your workout. If you wear spectacles do sanitize them as they can harbour bacteria and cause acne.

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  1. Fantastic post Nikanshi. I have already used the lip balm tip before going on my run today 😀 . Thanks you so much 😀

  2. Awsome post !! You have covered almost everything!!
    I have recently joined gym and Zumba dance class!! And have got oily T zone.
    Would definitely try to follow these tips!
    Thanks! 😀

  3. Love this post Nikanshi! Sometimes I have been so lazy that I work out with makeup on. Not a good habit, is it! Thank you!

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