Skin Cleansing Regime with Milk Cream

My Cleansing Regime with Milk Cream

The worse thing about Delhi winters is that they are particularly harsh on people with dry and sensitive skin. One of the reasons that I hate winters is that my skin becomes extremely dry and flaky. Winter is the only season during which I really wish I had oily skin. Anyways, coming back to this post, I have found a terrific way to treat my dry skin to extreme moisture during winters. I discovered my Holy Grail moisturiser for winters and that is milk cream. Yes, you read it right, its malai, which I am sure quite a lot of you love to hate, for its smell, forget eating. I can well imagine most of you even cringing even at the thought of it while reading this. But trust me, it works wonders for dry skin, provided it is used properly. However, people with oily skin should apply a mud/clay pack like fuller’s earth, sandalwood powder after steaming to absorb excess residue left on skin.

skin cleansing
skin cleansing


• Regular use of this method will improve your skin texture and enhance its smoothness.
• Gives a natural glow the skin far better than any foundation, cream, base etc.
• Removes black heads/whiteheads and all other impurities from skin.
• Dry skin is prone to wrinkles and regular use of this process years will not only delay onset but also reduce wrinkles.

In case you decide to try this, do keep in mind that steaming your face is very important after applying milk cream so as to keep your pores from clogging.

What You Need for Cleansing

2-3 teaspoon of milk cream;

milk cream
milk cream

1-2 teaspoon Rose water (optional);

rose water
rose water

Facial Sauna/big utensil for steaming;

facial sauna
facial sauna

Your favourite aromatherapy oil (optional);

aromatherapy oil
aromatherapy oil

Cotton balls/soft tissue papers;

cotton balls
cotton balls

How to Do Cleansing

1) Take the milk cream and blend it well between your palms. Try to use that part of milk cream which has the consistency of a moisturiser/body lotion and not that really thick layer. The thin consistency of the milk cream is absorbed easily by the skin and doesn’t smell that repulsive.

2) Add a few drops of rose milk to the milk cream and apply the milk cream on your face in circular motions, proceeding from nose, forehead chin towards your hairline.

3) Leave on the milk cream on your face for about 15 minutes. I usually leave it on my face for an hour.

4) After 15 minutes, wipe of the excess milk cream from your face gently, using cotton balls/ soft ply tissues. If your skin is really dry, you will be surprised to find that very less of the milk cream remains on your face.

5) Get your facial sauna ready, add a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil/rose water (if desired). You can also use the hot towel method if you don’t have a facial sauna.

6) Take steam for 5 minutes. Steam will cleanse your pores and will not let the milk cream settle into your pores to give you any blackheads/breakouts etc.

7) Splash you face with cold water 2-3 times or dip a small towel in cold water and place it on your face to close your pores.

8) Apply a moisturiser if you want. I never feel the need for any moisturiser on my skin after doing this till the next time I wash my face with soap/face wash, even in the harshest of winters. Besides, I have never used much of a moisturiser person and always use almond oil/olive oil on my skin most of the times.

I have been using milk cream on face for years and it has never caused any problems/breakouts to me. I did this cleansing one day before my law school farewell, which was in peak of summers (read May), but never had any breakouts then also.

Hope you all liked my cleansing regime. Do give your suggestions and feedback.

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19 thoughts on “Skin Cleansing Regime with Milk Cream

  1. thank you for sharing 🙂 🙂 🙂
    reminded me of childhood when mum used to apply malai on my face daily , it was a rule kind of thing …
    will surely try this :yes: :yes: :yes:

  2. Thnx a lot, Prachi. Nice n detailed post n everything’s easily available also. I used to throw out the malai (by straining) n drink the milk, but felt bad for throwing it away. Now kno how to use it.
    Hv a facial sauna too packed smwhere, will take that out too tonite on reaching home.

  3. Right now a nice layer of malai sitting on top of the milk, which i put in the fridge today mrng, will go home & take it out n put to use.

  4. i try this occasionally and tried it on sund…my husband and my daug were like…wht r u wearing on your face 😮 😮 but i love malai on my skin…its really great for my dry bangalore skin ! but never tried it with rose water…will try that now…thks for the tip prachi 🙂

  5. Nice post 🙂
    My mom has been using the same trick without steaming and her skin is flawless n no wrinkles !!!
    Now i can understns what she meant when she asks me to do the same .. i was like yak yak !! wl definitly goin to include this in ma routine .. which not tht filled!! 🙂 🙂

  6. gr8 skin regime Prachi.. i used it do it religiously in the winters during my college times.. now in hyd no such harsh winters bt do put up malaai sumtimes just to get bak the lost glow on face frm the harsh sun n pollution.. :-)) :-))

  7. We don’t get fresh milk here so definitely no means of getting fresh milk cream too. 🙁 Will this work with the packaged milk cream too? I guess they do add some kind of preservatives in it. *trying to be hopeful somehow knowing the answer* 😐

  8. i have read this kind of cleansing routine before and wen i tried my face was full of acnes and pimples i had to consult the skin specialist ……..

    milk cream is not for oily t shaped and sensitive skin it only works for dry skin……….

    so i will never ever try this……and other ppl plz check weather you are sensitive to malai by applying little portion on neck or small part of face……..or you will face the same consequence as i have faced……

    1. @prachi ya dear i have followed the same regime long back i had taken steam after applying the milk cream and still i got pimples and acnes…….no offence though !

  9. its a good regime Prachi :yes: . I too apply Malai on my face for half an hour and belive me its brought a glow on my face :beauty: , keeps away the blackheads to a great extent :beauty: (I still scrub once a week with baking powder and water mixture for a squeaky shiny smooth face :beauty: ), lightened my acne scars :beauty: , reduced my acne too although not too well.
    I cant say even toned my complexion…. that may be due to the other skin care creams that i use.
    But the best advantage can be seen on my 7 month old son’s face :-* . whenever he has any kind of rash or tiny boils on his skin. I use malai on his face everday and all his skin problems fade away. I can vouch for this any time. :inlove:

  10. ….and yes, i dont steam my face, just wash it with normal sabun aur pani. But must give it a try…dont know when, but must try :idk:

  11. This is really amazing way to use milk cream…I do love to use milk cream and it has never caused any breakouts on me…..I especially love to leave milk cream on my face at night and in the morning I wake up with a clear, soft and glowing skin…..very useful for people with dry skin…..

  12. Hi all. Im fatima. I jst wantd to tel u ppl that malai is no doubt, very good for ur skin but plz dont take steam so frequently. It can open your pores in the long run, Permanently! U can take it ocasionally though. Othrwise good try Prachi! Im definitly goin to try the Malai tip! Thnx 🙂

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