Skin Concerns of a New Mom: Ask IMBB

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Uzma asks:


I am a new mom and worried about my skin, I have got stretch marks on my belly and dark pigmentation around my neck and pubic area, give suggestions and advice on how to get rid of it. Please reply.

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6 thoughts on “Skin Concerns of a New Mom: Ask IMBB

  1. For the pigmentation marks, like Neha said it will calm down..
    for the stretch marks, you may try this..ambi haldi+coconut oil/olive oil …massage on the areas where the mark is,before you take ur works

  2. I have a 10 month old baby and here are somethings I did.
    Mix almond oil and kokum butter and apply this body butter twice a day on your tummy. As synthetic vit e is considered toxic for babies avoid using it for first 6 mths.
    Pigmentation will go on its own. But using a mix of milk curd besan and turmeric helps with mildly lightening that area.

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