Skin Food Everyday Olive Facial Mask Sheet Review

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Today, I will be reviewing Olive sheet mask from SkinFood. Read on for more details:


Product Description:Skin Food Everyday Olive Facial Mask Sheet details

My Experience with Skin Food Everyday Olive Facial Mask Sheet:

The packaging is neat and sleek. The mask is textured and has a pattern all over the sheet mask. The sheet mask is cotton based one and is thick. It’s thicker than all the sheet masks that I have used till date. The sheet mask holds enough moisture content but it isn’t dripping with the serum.


The serum is a watery, lightweight, and colorless serum. It has a pleasant smell that does not last till the mask is dry. It smells very good and fresh. The serum is slightly sticky but feels very light on the skin. My skin has not been behaving well these days, so I went through all my sheet masks and picked up this one. This olive mask claims to brighten, smoothen and moisturize your skin. This seemed to be perfect for my current skin texture, you all know how much I love brighter-looking skin. So, I popped out this one, relaxed and let the mask do its magic.


Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the kind of results this mask gave me. It left my skin so smooth that it felt like I have just exfoliated my skin. Not only that, but even my nose felt super smooth and shiny. That ought to count for something right? It just made my skin look so much better! I had a bump on my face and it calmed it down and the bump disappeared in just 30-40 minutes! The benefits this mask gave me just blew me away and it made its way to my favourites! It also added moisture back to my skin and my skin looked healthy and plump afterwards.

Pros of Skin Food Everyday Olive Facial Mask Sheet:

  • Affordable sheet mask.
  • Thick cotton sheet mask.
  • The mask holds enough moisture.
  • Lightweight serum.
  • Makes my skin look super smooth and soft.
  • Adds plenty of moisture to my skin.
  • Makes my skin look and feel healthy and plump.
  • Adds a subtle glow to the face.

Cons of Skin Food Everyday Olive Facial Mask Sheet:

  • Availability here in India.
  • Temporary results.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Skin Food Everyday Olive Facial Mask Sheet?
A big yes to both!

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One thought on “Skin Food Everyday Olive Facial Mask Sheet Review

  1. This seems to be a best option for me. I have been using olive oil in multiple ways as a skin food. I love how versatile olive oil is. But this mask sheet is anytime better than the greasiness that comes with direct oils. Will definitely give this a try.

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