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I’m Pushpa from Delhi, my age is 29 and I have oily skin. I also get pimples sometimes on my face. I’m married and have a child. My problem is that my skin is very dull though I have a fair skin but no attraction in my skin. It looks very dull. I started drinking 2 litre water everyday from first of this month but as of now I have not seen any improvement. I also scrub once in every 15 days. Can u tell me the right product and right skin care routine to follow to make my skin glow. I also take a good diet. I was my face regularly twice and use garnier sun control moisturise with SPF 15 which suits my skin well. I use everyouth scrub. Please tell me how many times should I scrub and with which product to get the improvement. Please I need your help seriously as my skin has no attraction.

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16 thoughts on “How to Make Skin Glow: Ask IMBB

  1. hey Pushpa make a pack of Multani mitti,papaya and rose water.Apply this pack thrice a week you will start noticing the pimples reducing as well as a radiant glow on your skin :woot: :woot: :victory: .try oriflame mattifying cream in optimals is a very good product. :dance:

  2. You have a good routine. Maybe you should try make up. A foundation to even out skin, and a bronzer under your cheek bones to highlight cheeks, and a shimmer blusher. not a bright blush. very natural but thats kinda shiny can make your skin really glow.

    you can try youtube-ing kim kardashian’s cheek make-up for more info if you are interested. there are a lot of tutorials. I like her cheek make-up. it gives a glow to her skin.

    1. i just noticed you said you have occasional pimple. blusher for people with pimple can mean bad news. try the mineral foundation powder by maybelline (that i reviewed earlier) it really does give a glow to your skin while wearing, and in the long run even when it’s off.

  3. Me thinks for oily skin-use a neem based facewash twice everyday-i got definite benefits by using the Himalaya neem facewash. I hear too much scrubbing is bad for oily skin as it increases break outs..but I have oily and eruption prone skin and scrub twice a week-I also use the Lotus Acne tea tree gel and massage my face with it once a week-and last but not the least-have good sleep and drink lotsa water 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. -regular exercise even if it is 30 mins of walk 5 days a week!
    -Lotsa fresh fruit
    -home made scrubs and pack for oily skin, u can google that! since i have dry skin no idea
    – ladies on IMBB have raved about cetaphil cleanser and toner, though dunno how good is that.

  5. try using cucumber juice, watermelon….i.e. seasonal fruits watermelon and cucumber gives so much shine…hope it helps

  6. you can try off the shelf packs like Himalay neem pack, himalya mud pack, evryuth ornage peel off etc – they really help for people like me who are too lazy to make hime made packs . I too have oily skin 🙂

  7. Eat extremely juicy fruits and vegetables everyday and in fact in every meal. Also, exfoliate daily with a dry facial brush gently before sleeping because even though you might wash your face with a face wash, it wouldn’t remove all the excess oil accumulated inside your skin cells during the day. This will also remove dead cells and help in blood circulation; thus, leading to naturally glowing skin.

  8. Priya, try using Max Factor Liquid Illusion foundation. I am using it daily for office for last 1 year. I have very oily skin. But, it has worked for me very well. Next, I will be trying some Lancome foundation 😉

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