It’s Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm Review

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Skin Tone: Medium fair, warm undertones
Skin Type: Combination, sensitive and acne prone
Lip Type: Dry

Hello ladies,

Today, I am reviewing It’s Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm. Read on to know how it fared for me.

Its Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm macaron shape

Product Description:
A delightful fruit-scented, macaron-shaped lip balm that nourishes and moisturizes dry lips with vitamins and fruit extracts, keeping lips soft and sweet all day. Formulated with shea butter and cocoa butter, Macaron Lip Balm is packed with antioxidant rich vitamins A, C, and E—keeping lips soft, nourished, and healthy-looking. Portable and adorable to carry, the balm comes in a macaron tin with four delicious fruit flavors and colors to choose from including sweet pink strawberry, fresh green apple, soft purple grape, and tropical yellow pineapple.
Price and Quantity:
10 USD for 0.32 oz.

Its Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm full packaging

My Experience with It’s Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm:

The packaging of the product is super cute. The lip balm comes in a nice mint green colored, macaron-shaped tub. The detailing on the packaging is so real that it looks like a real macaron. It has a nice matte finish to it. The lid of the tub is screw-on type and closes very securely. I don’t find any flaws with the packaging, but the tub type packaging is not really hygienic and I have to clean my hands properly before applying. Overall, the packaging is adorable and cute.

Its Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm outer packaging

Its Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm open

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The lip balm looks sheer mint green in the tub, but it is actually a clear lip balm. It does not have any tint or colour to it, so people with pigmented lips may not find it much interesting to use on a regular basis. I alway apply a clear lip balm on my lips before applying the lipstick so that its shade does not interfere with the actual color of the lipstick. It only adds a healthy sheen on my lips. The soft sheen in the lip balm looks very natural and makes my lips look nourished and plump. This lip balm smells yummy. I absolutely love green apple flavor! I feel like eating it up. The fragrance lingers for a few hours and fades away gradually. These lip balms from It’s Skin are my favorite these days.

Its Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm

The texture of the lip balm is great. It is very smooth and creamy, and glides effortlessly on the lips without any drag. It kind of melts when it comes in contact with the skin. I personally love it for the tons of hydration it provides to my dry lips. It keeps my lips soft and smooth for long. It is non sticky and feels comfortable to wear.

Its Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm full

It also does not have any thick or waxy texture. The only con of the lip balm I could point out is the non-SPF formulation. I usually prefer lip balms with sun protection, but since these It’s Skin lip balms are so adorable, I would really ignore the SPF factor and keep them for indoor use.

Its Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm texture

This lip balm provides good moisturization to my lips and keeps them hydrated for a pretty long time. It takes away all flakiness and dry skin patches from my lips. The long-term use of this lip balm has made my lips softer and free from any cracked or chapped skin. It is capable of providing enough hydration to very dry lips as well. The hydration this lip balm provides to my lips lasts for 6-7 hours when my lips are normal and not extremely dry, but on days when I have very dry and chapped lips, I need frequent reapplications to heal my lips. Overall, I love this lip balm. The chocolate and the green apple variants work really well.

Its Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm swatch

Pros of It’s Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm:

  • Cute packaging.
  • Non-tinted lip balm.
  • No shimmer.
  • Soft sheen.
  • Smells great.
  • Buttery smooth texture.
  • Glides easily.
  • Lightweight.
  • Non-sticky texture.
  • Moisturizes and hydrates lips.
  • Moisturization lasts for 6-7 hours.
  • Heals dry and chapped lips.

Cons of It’s Skin Green Apple Macaron Lip Balm:

  • Does not contain SPF.

IMBB Rating:
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