Skin Hygiene Tips to Prevent Acne

Skin Hygiene Tips to Prevent Acne

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Today I have come up with a skin care regimen. I thought of starting with an article on a very common topic, which have been bothering women since ages. Acne, it is the scariest thing for every woman, a very common skin problem for all. We want a healthy and glowing skin but about 90% of people have been suffering from this problem at some point of time in their life.

Skin hygiene to prevent acne

What causes acne to occur: A common myth regarding acne is that it is caused due to unclean skin conditions. The actual reason is the oil secreted by the skin. The oil content of the skin released through the sebaceous glands commonly known as sebum increases mostly during hormonal changes leading to the occurrence of acne and pimples. This is the reason acne is a common problem for the teenagers, post pregnancy and also during menstruation. This is the reason people with oily skin are more prone to pimples. Pollution, heat and skin allergies due to some cosmetics can also be some reason for the occurrence of acne.

However, the fact cannot be denied that unhealthy and unhygienic skin conditions can aggravate the acne problem and make the situation worse.

Today, I will tell you about how to maintain skin hygiene and keep the acne breakout under control. I have an oily skin type and much prone to pimples and acne. Following these rules have helped me a lot, so I hope it helps you as well.
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• Keep your facial skin clean, as it is more prone to pimples. Use a mild medicated soap (consult your dermatologist for the best-medicated soap according to your skin type) to remove the excess oil from your skin. Make it a routine to wash your face with luke warm water once in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed.
• Moisturizing is equally essential. Use a light water based moisturizer, which contains aloe vera, tea tree oil, etc. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties, while aloe vera gives a soothing effect.
• Wash your hair regularly and tie them back so that they do not come in contact with your face. Unclean hair and dandruff aggravates the occurrence of acne because of which acne is mostly seen in the forehead areas, just below the hairline.
• An immediate shower after any physical activity like exercise is mandatory to get rid of the sweat, which may clog your pores and finally leading to the occurrence of acne.
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• Wash your hands thoroughly before you apply moisturizer, to avoid transferring the unseen bacteria.
• If you are wearing glasses wash your glasses often to avoid the accumulation of oil and sweat around your eyes.
• It is better to use fruit pulp to cleanse your skin, rather than market products. However, if you are suffering from severe acne problems, I suggest you to try this after the problem subsides.
• Change your pillow cover often, especially during the summers to avoid the transfer of oils and bacteria to your skin.


• Avoid over washing your face, twice or thrice a day should be sufficient, or else it will leave your skin excessively dry.
• Do not use a scrub if you have lots of pimples on your face, this may cause skin irritation and rashes.
• Do not touch your face with your hands until necessary! Your hand contains lots of unseen bacteria which can cause acne once they come in contact with the skin.
• Avoid squeezing the pimples this can leave behind ugly scars.
• If you have a pimple prone skin, ask your dermatologist before you use any skin product. You never know you might be allergic to it.
• Avoid toners with alcohol content (named as isopropyl alcohol on ingredients list). It is a strong astringent, which will leave your skin excessively dry, red and flaky.
Well, to sum up, these few rules have helped me a lot and once you find that these rules are helping you as well, stick to it and you will enjoy healthy skin for a lifetime.
Take Care ☺ Stay Healthy ☺

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