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Gayatri asks:

Hello everyone,

I am a silent follower of your blog since two years. I was totally a no-makeup person, I didn’t even know that a foundation has different shades. Now, I know a little bit about makeup and all credit goes to you all. I have a problem – my skin is weird. My skin is a little oily in summer and in winters it is dry. Every summer, I get small pimple kind of things on my face along with rashes due to sweat. Please suggest me some quick and easy home remedies on how to get rid of those and prevent further skin problems. My face sweats a lot due to which I look pale and dull during summer. Please help me.

Thank you very much and Rati, your OOTD posts are always a treat to the eyes!

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  1. To freshen up your face, fill up a spritzer bottle with rose water and spray it when you feel your face is sweating a lot. Wipe with gentle dry face tissue. Use a lightweight tinted moisturizer or matte day cream when you go out. Set your makeup with transcluent or loose powder so that your makeup stays fresh for long. You can also use a primer underneath.

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