Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

There is no argument on the fact that 20’s is the best era of life; you are young, energetic and beautiful with fresh skin and healthy hair. You are surrounded by friends, graduation, getting a degree and a job and may be selecting a partner, exploring an entire new world. But time flies by and twenties end counting you in the league of the elegant thirties. Trust me thirties carry a different charm. Most probably, you will be having a family, a stable job and you are more mature. You just need to understand a few facts and follow some tips to look as beautiful as in your twenties yet more elegant than you were. Let’s have a look at what you need to understand and accommodate in your routine.

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

1. Stay Hydrated; it is the key to health and beauty:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Water intake plays the key role in retaining a healthy and glowing skin. To obtain a young looking skin, keep hydration level from 8-12 glasses every day irrespective of the weather (we consume very less water in winter). This will also regularize the oxygen levels provided to the body cells, wash away toxins and keep you healthy and happy which will result in a beautiful “you”!

2. Follow your CTM regularly:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Gone are the days when you can lazily skip the regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing chores. Regular CTM will cleanse skin and keep pores clean and tighter. Breakouts are common in teenage but many of us can suffer from them as we enter our thirties too. Regular CTM minimizes the breakout/acne threats, saving us from scars that last for a long time. CTM will give you priceless benefits of a fresh looking skin.

3. Review your diet plan:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

What you eat, affects you in every way. While in your thirties, your metabolism must not be as good as it was in teenage and twenties; so have a look at what you are eating. Include fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet plan, rely on whole grains, fibres and oatmeal and learn to say no to junk food, smoking and excessive drinking. Ensure you are taking adequate proteins, iron and calcium and cutting down on fats and carbohydrates as you grow older.

4. Have a look at the ingredient list of cosmetics you buy:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Instead of buying five low cost items with harmful chemicals and parabens, save on and go for one good product with natural ingredients and free of unending list of chemical composition. Rely on natural ingredients and look for vitamin c, glycerine, glycolic acid, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid in cosmetics to benefit from anti aging and keep skin away from excessive drying. Dryness induces early aging signs in skin.

5. Say Yes to supplements:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Many of us are in the illusion that we don’t need supplements, they are un-natural and we don’t need them. In this fast paced life, with job and indoor activities, we are depriving ourselves of Vitamin D specially. The food and milk are not pure as they used to be. Include some Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and Calcium in your supplement list.

6. Eat Oily Fish and start loving berries:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Our bodies cannot produce Omega-3 on their own so we need to outsource it. Fish being the best source of Omega-3, makes our skin supple, increases elasticity and improves overall health. When it comes to making a choice for fish, choose tuna, salmon, swordfish etc which are high in fish fats to get a higher content of Omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, berries, being rich in anti-oxidants will not only help you fight against aging but also increase the absorption of omega-3 fatty acids.

7. Invest in a good serum:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Besides exfoliation and CTM, invest in a good serum when you step into your thirties. I know serums are really pocket drillers but the results are worth the expenditure. We intend to spend pennies on makeup rather than skincare; a glowing skin is better than layers of foundations. Check your skin type and skin issues and chose the serum accordingly.

8. Don’t skip the facials, manicure & pedicure:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Facials tend to give a new life to the skin. No matter how busy you are, steal some time for facial, manicure & pedicure either at home or a reliable spa.

9. Protect from sun:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Again the thumb rule applies here too. Never skip sunscreen when going out no matter its winter or a cloudy day.

10. Select an eye-cream & a night-cream:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Once you hit the lovely thirties, fine lines and wrinkles might start showing up without being noticed. This is where you need to find a HG eye cream to beat them. Also, select a night cream according to your skin issues which also serves the purposes of hydration, moisturizing and nourishment of your skin while you sleep.

11. Beat the stress, anxiety and depression:
Once you grow up, responsibilities and worries also grow. Beat the stress and anxiety and stay calm to look beautiful and to stay healthy. Seek advice if necessary or you feel depressed often. Every problem in life has a solution so don’t worry unnecessarily and if a problem can’t be solved worrying won’t solve it either. Shrinks/Psychiatrist are doctors like other doctors are don’t be ashamed if you knock the door of one in search of a piece of advice.

12. Love your bed:

Skincare Tips for Beauties in Their 30s

Sleep itself is a healing treatment for skin as well as our brain and body. No matter how tough the routine is, manage schedule to get sufficient sleep of 8 hours every day. While hitting the bed, forget about office, worries, responsibilities, laptop and cell phones to have a sound sleep rather than lying on bed with an active mind.

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