Skinfood Avocado and Olive Lip Balm Review

I have skin issues – some are real and some are just made up in my mind 😛 Dry lips is one such issue. Apart from mascaras, I also hoard lip balms because my lips are extremely dry and most lip balms that I have tried have not been hydrating enough for me and barely add any moisture to my lips. I bought this lip balm from the brand Skinfood because of its good reviews and also because Skinfood is a good skincare brand and I have had good experience with its products in the past.

Skinfood Avocado and Olive Lip Balm full

Product Description:
For a lip balm to show results, it needs to have intensely moisturizing ingredients, and there’s nothing more nourishing for skin than avocado and olive oil. Housed in an adorable avocado-shaped container, this lip balm uses the hydrating power of these two natural ingredients plus ceramides to shed off annoying flakes and leave lips smooth, plump, and soft. Tip: After exfoliating your lips with the Skinfood Avocado and Sugar Lip Scrub, use this balm before going to bed and wake up with pillow soft lips.

My Experience with Skinfood Avocado and Olive Lip Balm:

I bought this product because of its extremely cute packaging. It looks like a tiny, prettiest ever avocado on the food aisle. The avocado is cut in half and the top half is a twist-up cap and the bottom half has a tub to hold the product. When I bought this product, I thought it would be in in a dome shape like EOS lip balms, and all I have to do is to slather it on my lips without digging my fingers in the product. However, that’s not the case with this Skinfood lip balm and I do have to pick the product with my fingers which is a bit unhygienic to me, but apart from that, I have no qualms about the packaging.

Skinfood Avocado lip balm

Skinfood Avocado and Olive Lip Balm

This lip balm has a very subtle fragrance and is so subtle that I cannot place its genre, but it doesn’t smell like avocado or olive, and either way, it barely lingers on my lips. The texture of the balm is a mix of a thick lotion and body butter – it is rather unusual and forms a moisture barrier on the lips. It appears like a translucent, white layer on lips and forms a moisture barrier on lips. It appears more obvious on the lips till it is completely absorbed by the skin.

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Skinfood Avocado and Olive Lip Balm open

I really want to like this lip balm, but alas my lips are so dry that they crave something more moisturizing and somehow this is just not enough for my drought-prone lips, but I do recommend it to those who do not crave extreme hydration or suffer from extreme dry skin.

Skinfood Avocado and Olive Lip Balm texture

Pros of Skinfood Avocado and Olive Lip Balm:

  • It is an affordable lip balm, comes in an extremely cute packaging.
  • This range (in the same packaging) also has a lip scrub and can be bought along with the balm.
  • It has a very subtle fragrance which vanishes soon after application.
  • It has a sweet taste, doesn’t feel uncomfortable even if a little bit is swallowed.
  • Provides a moisture barrier and hydration to lips.
  • Has ceramides along with the goodness of avocado and olives.
  • It should serve all the purpose of a good lip balm.

Cons of Skinfood Avocado and Olive Lip Balm:

  • The texture of this lip balm is rather unusual and can be a bit annoying for people who are used to more slippery texture.
  • Does not provide enough hydration for those who have extremely dry lips and crave for an extra boost of moisture.

I do recommend it to all those who regularly wear lip balms, it will serve the purpose of a good lip balm well. People with extremely dry lips like me might need an extra boost of moisture by sublimating it with a Vaseline or a lip oil.

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