Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream Review

I extremely enjoyed using Heimish Balm from The Face Shop to remove my face makeup. Now that I have run out of it, I have decided to diversify and invest in cleansing balms and creams from other brands. I bought a couple of other cleansers as part of my Korean skincare haul and this is the review of one such cleansing cream. I love to wear makeup but removing it is definitely not that fun. It is messy, takes a while to get all the gunk off and above of all, most makeup removers leave some residue behind, especially waterproof eye makeup is hard to remove even with high end makeup removers. But apparently, cleansing creams have eliminated this ordeal by making makeup removing process much simpler and easier.

Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream tub

Product Description:
You could wash your face with a homebrew of rice water, or save the time and effort with Skinfood’s Rice Brightening Cleansing Line. Perfect for people with normal to dry skin, or those looking to brighten dull, rough, lackluster skin. Apply an adequate amount on face and gently massage until all makeup or impurities are removed. Wipe away with a tissue or rinse with lukewarm water.

Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream ingredients

My Experience with Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream:

I was really fascinated by Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm because it made the whole makeup removing process so much easier, but since it is on the pricier side, I now settle for more affordable yet equally good dupes. I enjoyed using Heimish balm from The Face Shop and that’s why I had similar expectations from Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream. However, I forgot that there’s a difference between a cream and a balm and hence a cleansing cream can never be a dupe for a cleansing balm.

Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream full

Skinfood Cleansing Cream comes in a very sturdy and pretty white tub with a lid on top and an extra protection cover inside. The main ingredients of this cream are heavy oils which worried me a little because most oils give me terrible acne, but I reasoned that a skin care company must be aware of comedogenic properties of oils and would have somehow figured out how to compensate for that.

Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream full tub

Its consistency is like that of a cold cream which when rubbed between the fingers turns into an emollient which helps in makeup removal. A small pea-sized amount is enough for one-time use and can easily remove most of the face makeup except eye makeup and liquid lipstick. I tried to remove my eye makeup with it, but it badly irritated my eyes, which made me realize that it is not meant for eye makeup, this should have been mentioned on the packaging or the description, since eye makeup removal is the crucial part of makeup removal process. Once I realized that, I did put it to good use as a face massage cream/cleansing cream. It did manage to remove my face makeup quite well although not as good as Heimish balm.

Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream texture

The performance of this product can be achieved by a heavy cold cream as well and it can be skipped. Another downside of this product is its texture. It is rather unique and not in an impressive manner. It is a little hard to work with and does not spread easily on skin. I do not find myself reaching for it often and will not repurchase it.

Pros of Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream:

  • It is half the prize of most cleansing balms and is an affordable option.
  • It removes face makeup well, except eye makeup or liquid lipstick.
  • It does not cause acne even though it has heavy oils in it.
  • The packaging is very pretty, looks expensive and has a secure lid which makes it travel friendly.
  • It has a very subtle fragrance, which is common for massage creams.
  • It can also be doubled up as a massage cream but I would recommend wiping it off after the massage.

Cons of Skinfood Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream:

  • Texture is a little annoying and is a bit hard to work with. It does not spread as easily on face as a cold cream.
  • Availability can be an issue for some but some Korean websites do ship to India as well.
  • It is not meant for eye makeup removal and is suitable only for face makeup.
  • It can be substituted by a cold cream and hence there is nothing unique about it.
  • It does not work as good as a face balm.

It is not as great as a cleansing balm and will certainly not act as a dupe for Clinique cleansing balm. I also cannot use it as a massage cream because of its weird texture. I do not recommend this product.
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