Sleek Chocolate Wax Review

Hello gorgeous ladies,
I am a total beauty junky and it’s been so many years since I have visited a parlor for grooming. I have somehow, with practice, learned everything that I need to, to groom myself! Waxing is one part of grooming that I have mastered now, hence I keep some waxing products at home and do it as and when I need. Sleek is one of the best brands for ready to use wax tubs, but this time I planned to try on the chocolate wax from sleek. I ordered a mall tub to try, so let’s see how the trail went for me!

Sleek Chocolate Wax

Price: Rs 72 for 250 g

Product Description:
Sleek Chocolate wax, is specially formulated to remove “TAN” from skin instantly on waxing to give you a radiant and glowing skin. The fragrance of amazing chocolate will make you enjoy every moment of your waxing session. A safe and sure method to remove unwanted hair on the body Sleek Chocolate Wax is specially prepared to use with disposable strips the wax removes unwanted hair painlessly from the root in minutes. Above all the best quality part of this product is that it is 100% water soluble.

Sleek Chocolate Wax

Directions of Use:
Clean the skin and dry it. Apply a thin film of the wax with a spatula in the direction of the hair growth. Work on a small area in the beginning to get familiar with the procedure. Place a strip of cloth over this area and press down firmly over the wax. Hold skin taut and pull the strip swiftly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Hair will come off by the roots almost painlessly leaving arms and legs fair and satin smooth. Finally, wash the skin with plain water.

My Experience With Sleek Chocolate Wax:

This time I planned on trying a new variant from sleek and it was the world favourite “Chocolate” variant. This in particular claimed on removing tan and the current season is all about tan, so I thought this may prove to be helpful in some or the other way.

It comes in a circular tub which is very convenient to open and use. It can be closed when not in use and that is how it is travel-friendly. The wax is very thick in consistency yet spreads evenly on the skin in a thick layer, which helps to cover the hair properly.
The wax comes in a brown colour and has a golden metallic sheen to it. It claims to contain cocoa powder and I think it does because the wax smells so pleasant. The fragrance is a nice chocolaty one and is not over-powering at all. But somehow this chocolate wax doesn’t look real to me, it looks very fake. It was easy to spread on the skin but was difficult to remove and wax.

Sleek Chocolate Wax

The cold wax at times gives out water content and the wax loses its stickiness, which indeed makes it ineffective for waxing. This thing usually happens after one use but this happened at the very first use. I was very disappointed with this one. It did not wax the hair effectively and removed only some hair. And I had to apply a second layer there again, yet they did not come out and I was doing nothing other than hurting myself. Frustrated I just got my hot wax and threw this stupid fellow on the side!

Sleek Chocolate Wax

As far as removing tan was concerned, it didn’t work there either. It just brightened up my skin and removed a dull layer from my skin making it look fresh. But that is what all the wax variants do. They do make the skin look bright every time you wax.
I did heat it up keeping it in a hot water filled contained but it failed again. What more could I do? Hence I decided never to get these and to warn you people too to only go for hot wax and do not waste money in cold wax. Though it may sound easier to use, the main purpose is to remove the unwanted hair which this fellow is not capable of.

Pros Of Sleek Chocolate Wax:

• Affordable and easily available.
• Comes in a convenient packaging.
• Travel-friendly.
• Glides nicely on the skin if we heat it up a bit.
• Has a pleasing chocolate fragrance.

Cons Of Sleek Chocolate Wax:

• Does not remove the hair effectively.
• It starts leaving its water content and the wax becomes very watery which makes it ineffective to remove hair.
• Very thick since it is a cold wax form and hence a lot of quantity gets used.
• The wax is still stuck on the skin even if removed correctly with wax strips.
• The chocolate wax looks very fake and I feel they have just added colour and some fragrance.
• Takes a lot of time than usual to just wax my hands.
• It works normally like other cold wax tubs and cleans the skin, but it does not remove any tan like claimed.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Sleek Chocolate Wax?
No never! I would rather prefer and advice using hot wax because it works so nicely and effectively. Such cold wax tubs are useless, take a lot of your time and ineffective. And this looks a cheap quality chocolate wax, so if you do like chocolate wax, then invest in some high end brand or visit a parlour to enjoy this variant of wax.

IMBB Rating: 1/5

When you initially get this tub, it works at times, but soon during the second use it becomes watery and ejects water from the wax which makes in ineffective and the hair does not get removed, only the skin hurts. So I would recommend not going for thise. In-case you like waxing at home, invest in a wax heater which comes just around 200 bucks and get some hot wax tubs and get started!

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