Sleek Makeup Au Naturel Palette Review, Swatches – Nude Collection

Sleek Makeup Au Naturel Palette Review, Swatches

sleek makeup au natureal eyeshadow palette

Claims : Sleek MakeUP’s Nude collection wraps up your autumn beauty look in one warm, earthy and wearable collection. The Au Naturel i-Divine provides an array of matte and pearlescent eye shadows providing a subtle yet contoured effect for day, that can be built up for a smoky glamorous effect using velvety browns and shimmering fawns.

Complete the look with Suede blush and Pout Polish in Bare minimum, for the natural look at its best!

Price : Rs 500 approx (without shipping)

Purchase from:

Au natureal Palette
Sleek Makeup does awesome job with its eyeshadow palettes. They are pigmented, smooth, easy to blend, easy to carry (sleek), and long lasting. They don’t crease with an eyeshadow primer underneath.

Au Natureal palette is a part of Sleek Makeup Nude Collection. There are 12 eyeshadows in the palette and most of these are cool toned. There is good mix of both matte and shimmery shadows. If you love neutral eyeshadow colors, this is a great pick.

Most colors in the top row and either highlighting colors, all over lid colors or transition colors. They are not as pigmented as the bottom row colors . Especially the middle two eyeshadows in the top row – they are just a wash of color all over the lid and would give “my lids but better” kinda look to the lids.

All the eyeshadow in bottom row are beautifully pigmented. Zero complains.

sleek makeup au natureal palette
Top : l-r nougat, nubuck, cuppucino, honeycomb, toast, taupe Bottom : l-r conker, moss, bark, mineral earth, regal, noir

Color Descriptions :

Nougat : Matte creamy white. Beautifully pigmented. Great for highlighting the browbone and inner corners of the eye. You just have to careful that you don’t go overboard with it.

Nubuck : A matte grey with slight mauve undertones. This is a super close dupe of MAC Copperplate eyeshadow.

Cappuccino : A beige biscuit shade. Not overly pigmented. It is best used as a wash of shadow all over the eye. Also, I find it quite helpful in blending the eyeshadows. I have worn this as an all over lid color with just eyeliner and it looked pretty nice. Gives a cleaner more defined look to the lids.

Honeycomb : A yellowish beige matte eyeshadow. Again, this one also lacks pigmentation and works pretty much the same way as cappuccino.I like this one for brow bone as well.

Toast : A matte peach shade. This is a great dupe for MAC Soft Brown Eyeshadow. Decent pigmentation.

Taupe :  A shimmery champagne beige. Great all over lid color and a pretty inner corner shade. Good Pigmentation.

(bottom row left-right)

Conker : A shimmer copper bronze shade. Excellent pigmentation.

Moss : A dirty moss green shade. Very fine, smooth and superbly pigmented.

Bark :  A cool toned matte dark taupe brown. Excellent for smokey eyes or filling in the brows.

Mineral Earth : A shimmer chocolate brown. Super!

Regal : A matte taupe brown with mauve undertones.

Noir : My holy grail matte black eyeshadow. I have not seen more beautiful and smoother black eyeshadow than this one.

 Closer Look:

au natureal Palette
Top : l-r nougat, nubuck, cappuccino Bottom l-r conker, moss, bark
Top : honeycomb, toast, taupe Bottom : l-r mineral earth, regal, noir

Swatches : Most top row swatches were just not showing on my skintone sos these are 2-3 swipes of each color.  Bottom row are just one swipes. 😀

au natureal palette swatches - nude collection
l-r nougat, nubuck, cuppucino, honeycomb, toast, taupe
Au Naturel swatches - Sleek makeup Nude Collection
Bottom : l-r conker, moss, bark, mineral earth, regal, noir

From distance if you see, there is a little similarity of colors between Sleek oh So special Palette and  Au Natureal. But in reality only the last two colors in the bottom row are repeated.

au naturel vs oh so special PeletteI personally have become a huge fan of Sleek I Divine palettes but if I really really have to pick one of the two palettes, I guess I’d go with oh! So Special. It gives me more color options, and  a good mix of warm and cool tones. In Au Natureal , the middle 2 shadows in top row didn’t impress me much but overall as a palette I think ,it rocks. The bottom eyeshadows are highly impressive. If you buy it, buy  it mainly for the bottom row. 😀 The bottom row colors work great as soft eyeliners as well.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 3.9/5

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56 thoughts on “Sleek Makeup Au Naturel Palette Review, Swatches – Nude Collection

  1. Another one from sleek.. they have provided the palette with good colors.. My aunt in UK gets 30% discount on sleek prodcuts, next time i am surely gona ask her to buy it for me ..

      1. he hehe..
        Rati, not only sleek, she gets 30% discount on Gosh, Mua and rimmel (i thnk), collection2000.. So i get o collect lot of products frm these brands… :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. Hi Rati…I have a query regd the shipping charges of sleek…in their faqs they say shipping for all international orders is $13.50..but when I checkout my order ,shipping rate is given as £13.50 whc is far too much…cud you please confirm..I am confused

            1. 1 unrelated to post query,i’ve been dieing to ask…i am nc 42…do u think nars orgasm wud show up on me…also whch nars blushes wud go well…from online swatches i thot taos,torrid,taj mahal..let me kno wt u think

              1. taos and taj mahal. but taos more. btw you must check out Exhibit A as well. It looks super scary red in pan but it’s beautiful on skin.

                you buying it online?

                1. nah…my cousin has gone to the U.S…going to bombard him with demands :yahoo: ..i’ve seen swatches of exhibit A..luks lovely(i love red),but fear that i’l go overboard with it as I am jst starting with blushes.

                    1. does using a fanned brush for blushes like exhbit a help?dats wt some bloggers recommend using…also are d nars e/s in night collection worth checking out?when i saw ur swatch of night clubbing,i googled for swatches of the whole night series n loved them all …bt frm some of the swatches i felt that d color comes out better wet..dry ,they jst seemed like plain black..sry for so mny i have a really big list n don’t want my cousin to faint with shock..trying to narrow it down :preen:

                    2. astiva i like using my eyeshadow both dry and wet . ummm i like fan brushes only for highlighting. for blush i use a proper blush brush. 😀

  3. Good Morning!!! The top row is not so pigmented na but the bottom row colors are gorgeous!!! :woot:
    My vote too goes for the Oh so Special palette… :thumbsup:
    :thanks: rati for the review 🙂 :puchhi:

  4. the oh so special palette is definitely the best… but like the 2nd row in this palette too especially after seeing your tutorial yesterday :inlove:

  5. Hi Rati…I religiously follow IMBB and always look up product reviews whenever I plan on buying something…..I fell in love with the Oh so Special palette after I saw swatches on a UK blog and immediately ordered one for myself..Yeah and a pout polish-Electro Peach.Waiting anxiously for the package to arrive…The Au naturelle palette didn appeal to me though…looks a bit washed out according to me but the bottom row would look gr8 on indian skin tones……

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