Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3 Review

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I never use blushes on a daily basis, so I never owned a decent blush until now! I took a step and bought this amazing looking blush from Sleek Makeup. There are three luscious shades that are absolute eye candies. I had an amazing time clicking the pictures too. Let’s get to the review.

Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3 Review 2

Product Description:
The ultimate cheeky palette offering you three times the impact. Includes three complementary shades, each designed with its own distinctive finish, from rich shimmers to intense matte shades.

•Available in eight unique colour combinations designed to suit all skin tones
•Each shade can be used alone, or layered for a unique look
•Each palette has a versatile selection of shades to take your makeup from day to night and keep it on trend from season to season
•Set in a mirrored compact, ideal for touch-ups throughout the day
•Store in a cool dry place
•Not tested on animals

Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3 Review1

INR 1050 for 3 shades

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20g/ 0.68oz

My Experience with Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3:

Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3 Review

The packaging is super sexy, and is a treat to the eyes! The black case with matte finish comes in a box which contains details about the product. The shade names are given underneath the case. Also, it comes with a good mirror that I adore! The case shuts with a sharp ‘click’.

Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3 Review 4

The texture of the blushes is super fine, they are finely milled and go on smooth. They give a nice, matte finish and all the three shades are shimmer-free. Pink Sprint is a very bold palette offering bright shades. Since they are matte, I found application slightly tricky as it needs time and patience to even it out. They last for a good 4.5 hours, especially Pinktini which is the brightest shade. Pinktini leaves behind a pretty tint that looks so lovely that I never want to take it off.

Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3 Review 3

Pinktini: It is a bright, vibrant reddish pink that is the most pigmented among the three. This shade is so pigmented that I hardly have to touch my brush to it to get the color out! A teeny tiny amount will go a long way and at the same time, it needs to be applied very carefully. I lack steady hands and one time I ended up taking a lot of product, and I looked like a runaway clown! This shade is easy to go overboard with, so application needs to be controlled. Nevertheless, it is pretty.

Pink Ice: This is a very bright fuchsia. This is cool toned and looks neon. It reminds me of my Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick in P171. 😀 Even this one is well pigmented and goes on soft. This is my favorite shade among the three! Sometimes, I just stare at this and sigh because it is so gorgeous to just look at! 😀

Pink Parfait: I totally love the name! 😛 This shade is a beautiful mauvey-pink. Even this is pigmented, but it is not as vibrant as the other two. I like how muted it is yet it brightness up my face. This shade depicts calmness. 😀

Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3 Review 5

Pros of Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3:

• Very attractive, sexy packaging.
• The blushes are an eye candy! 😛
• Travel-friendly.
• Comes with a good mirror, ideal for touch-ups.
• All three give matte finish.
• The shades will suit most skin tones and flatter them.
• All the shades are well pigmented.
• They are finely milled and the texture is smooth.
• They last for a good 4.5 hours and leave a tint behind even when they fade.
• A little goes a long way.
• It is a good deal for the price, as you get three shades.

Cons of Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3:


IMBB Rating:
5/5 <3

Would I Recommend Sleek Makeup Pink Sprint Blush By 3?
Totally recommended!! All the shades are simply spectacular and I am totally in love.


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