8 Smart Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

You can really experiment a lot with short hair as they are more versatile and easier to work with. You just need a bit of practice and you will rock most hairstyles on short hair. You can try all sorts of different styles on them like layered and textured hairstyles, braided styles and even different bun hairstyles. Here is a list of few of the easy hairstyles that you can do easily without any hassles. So if you want to know about them, then just keep on reading.

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1. Short Curls Hairstyles

Curls look good in every season and on every occasion. Short haired beauties can also rock this look as curls are not just restricted to longer tresses. All you need is a curling iron or a straightener (yes, you can curl your hair with a straightener) and a heat protectant spray to achieve this look. A heat protectant spray is a must if you want to avoid damage to your tresses.

2. The Simple Side Braid Hairstyles

7 Smart Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair7 Smart Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair Side Twist

Braids are fun to do and look good on all kinds of hair types as well as different hair colours. To make this braid, take a section of your hair from a side and braid in whichever way you like. Secure it under your hair with a bobby pin. It is a fuss-free hairstyle which looks really smart and is very easy to do. You can rock it with your western wear as well as traditional wear as it is very versatile.

3. French Braid with A Top Knot Hairstyles

You just need to learn how to make a French braid and then this style is a breeze. Although I am not a master of them and if you are like me, then go through tutorials on IMBB or watch YouTube videos to learn how to make one! Coming to this hairstyle, make a French braid and while securing it, don’t pass your hair completely through the band at the last twist. This will create a fold that looks like a bun. Then secure any loose ends at the end of bun with a bobby pin. Leave rest of your hair opened as it is or you can also slightly curl them. You can rock this hairstyle anywhere and it looks really young, fun and fresh.

4. The Twisted Half Ponytail Hairstyles

7 Smart Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair7 Smart Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair Ponytail

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Here is another hairstyle with a ponytail. This one looks really smart, takes literally 5 minutes to do and lets you go through your day without any hassles. You just need to make 2 braids from both the sides, twist them and secure with an elastic at the end. This hairstyle works well on all hair types. If you have wavy or curly hair then this will give you that Boho vibe and if you have straight hair then it will look all sleek and will give you that made up look.

5. Half Up Party Lob Hairstyles

This hairstyle may look fancy but it is very easy to achieve and it looks really chic and feminine as well. To do this hairstyle, tease down the hair at the crown of your head to give them a voluminous look. Now take hair from both sides and twist them. Pin this twist from below at the back of your head. It is very easy to do and works with variety of hair types. You can also dress it up by using different hair accessories. You can style them according to the occasion.

6. Triple Twisted Buns Hairstyles

It looks fancy but is very easy to achieve. Just make 3 ponytails and roll each of them individually in a bun and secure with a pin. It looks amazingly well on short hair and takes no time to do. You can increase the sophistication of this hairstyle by using different hair accessories. Out of all the hairstyles, this is my favourite and I will be definitely trying this one as I also have short hair.

7. Messy Bun Hairstyles

7 Smart Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair7 Smart Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair Messy Bun

It can be your go to hairstyle as messy buns are really in and look really good if done well. Messy buns can look unkempt if not done well so make sure you practice them enough! Just divide your hair in 3 sections, make a braid, roll it in the form of a bun and secure it with a bobby pin. It is apt for college as well as professional settings and works well with traditional and casual outfits.

8. The Bouffant Scarf Hairdo Hairstles

If you are looking for that sexy and oh so feminine vintage vibe then this hairstyle is here for you to try! It is flirtatious, chic and sassy all at the same time. You will need dry shampoo for this to give your hair some texture and volume as well. To do this, take your hair from the crown of your head and backcomb it to make a pouf. Pin up this section of hair after combing the top of it neatly. Now, pin up the rest of your hair using hairpins. Pin your hair up in sections to keep it in place. Now take your scarf and wrap it around the back of your head, and tie it in a double knot at the top of your head. This may difficult to achieve but is actually easy to do. You just need to practice a little.

So which hairstyle will you be trying for your hair?

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