Smart Makeup Tips for Brace-Beauties

You might think that braces can sometimes become a great hindrance to your good looks. But some of us can’t really avoid the braces because of the need to fix the alignment or shape of our teeth, can we? Once we get those done, they become the most prominent thing on our face. You don’t want your braces to define your personality, do you? So, use makeup or wear pretty clothes to define your personality. You can still look awesome with your braces. Here are a few makeup tricks to smartly flaunt your beauty without fretting about your braces! After all, “Smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”! Now you don’t need to feel self-conscious as you’re on your way to feel more confident and stylish.


The lip makeup: As your mouth is the most noticeable area due to the braces on, it is important to take care of your lips. Always make sure to keep your lips moisturized by using a lip balm and to exfoliate them once every week. When applying a lip color, go for bold rich colors such as fuchsia, oranges, corals, true red etc. You might think bold colors might catch more attention but doing this will only shift the focus on that perfect pout.

Braces lip

Shifting the focus to the eyes: If you don’t want to go for bold lip colors, you can go for some bold makeup for your eyes and instead use colors like peach, nude, pink etc. for your lips. While doing your makeup, emphasize your eyes to bring the focus on your eyes instead of your mouth. You can go for glitter eye shadows or smoky eye makeup to intensify your eyes. Always remember, your eyes speak out a lot about you, making them look bold and beautiful will shift the focus off your braces and you will embrace yourself without getting conscious about your braces.

Eye Makeup

Contouring: Applying foundation is a very important trick in this section. Contouring your face smartly with your foundation can help a lot if you’ve got braces. Pay more attention to the area around your mouth i.e. the jaw line and the area around the lips as by wearing braces you might find some fine lines developing around your mouth. So concealing that area is very important while doing your makeup.


Highlighting your cheeks: For an everyday look, you can highlight your cheekbones and apply a tinted lip balm making your lips supple and hydrated. Doing this will help you draw attention to your cheekbones and away from your braces and would also add glow to your face. So you’re ready to step out bold and gorgeous with just some smart ways of doing your makeup.

Highlighting cheekbones

Hope you found the tips useful. Most importantly, don’t let yourself down just because you’ve got braces on after all, they aren’t forever and smile quite often!

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