Smokey eyes- The Complete Guide

Smokey eyes- The complete guide

avrilAvril Lavigne started it all with her punk look and dark kohl Smokey eyes. Bella in the movie Twilight, Kareena in Kurbaan or Bipasha’s eyes in most of her movies, girls today try it all. Theses huge looking eyes are called smoky eyes. And now every other lady on the street has the dovey Smokey eyes. No doubt Fashion now days spread across boundaries and geographies very fast. Whomever you meet be it a girl or boy, wants to look beautiful, do you remember anyone who doesn’t want to look good lately? And we cannot deny the fact that television and films do affect our lifestyle and fashion sense. And Smokey eye make up is gaining its heights and trending it way through.

Fashion and beauty have undoubtedly driven women a lot crazier than ever before. All they want is a great body to flaunt, a good wardrobe, nice shoes and the right make up. Money doesn’t make them take a step back in looking beautiful. But having all this is not as easy as it looks to be. But for now I shall just elaborate on the Smokey eyes part as my title reads. So read on.

Smokey EyesSmokey eyes show no sign of fading away with its current trend and popularity. Eyes are the most appealing and sensuous placed on every one’s face, and they need to be beautified and highlighted no matter what may come. And nothing better than a Smokey eye make up can help you enhance the beauty of your eyes. With the right eye make up you could simply rise the oomph and jealousy meter just too high.

Be it a party or a business meeting the eyes need to get their attention right. For this all you need is a liner, mascara, silver and black eye shadow and a white liner pencil. If you have all these things lets get started with the whole process of making up those perfect set of eyes.

You need to master the art of blending the colors in order to get the perfect smoky eyes. You must know to blend dark and light shades in the correct amount in the right way.
Smokey Eye

The first step is to wash your face and get rid of all the dirt and impurities. Then pat dry and apply the foundation that suits your complexion and skin type. Now you realize that you have a clear face awaiting the next step. Blend a little foundation on your eye lids slowly. Blend it so well that you don’t look like you are carrying some make up. If at all you look decked up or smudged wipe your face with a tissue and get rid of the excess foundation. Then apply an eye base for oil-free and lasting make up. A light shade of concealer under the eye area and over the top eyelid can also help from melting of the eye make up. And also prepares a base for the shadow to be applied. Then apply black, brown, gray eyeliner at the upper and lower lash lines.

Remember Eye shadow make the best eyeliners so you can use wet eyeliner brush to apply with dark eye shadow creating deep, precise lines. The eyeliner must be above the upper lash line. It must be thicker at the bottom eyelash moving in the outer direction of the eye or from the corner to corner of the eye.

The next step is blending the black eye shadow in the same fashion of that with the foundation. Be careful of not avoiding blending the dark shade way too much then required. Start the blending from the lash line to the crease since the darker shade must be blended into the lash line ebbing the eyeliner.

Sonam KapoorFollow the crease while applying the dark eye shadow shades; go up a little higher so that the eyes look a bit larger. Spread the eye shadow with the help of a brush at the upper and the lower lid ending up at the middle portion.
Have a blended dark brown shade on the uppermost part of your eyeshadow and have a color which matches your skin tone to apply below your eyebrows since application of a lighter shadow to the darker hue always creates an effect. The lighter shadow must be a neutral tone.

The foundation and the black eye shadow are blended in the outward direction whereas the next silver eye shadow must be blended inwards, at the lids. A water based eye liner smudged on the upper and the lower lid can also help you achieve the perfect Smokey effect. And this looks more natural and sultry.
smokey-eyesEnsure that the black and the silver eye shadows merge a bit to create the silvery Smokey effect. Cease with ultimate and perfect strokes of mascara and kohl, add white liner pencil inside the lower eye lid to make them appear big.

Curling up the lashes is very important too. Kohl helps in accentuating the eyes. You can experiment using different colored eye liner pencils.

Do not forget to clean up the extra make up. The Smokey eyes compliment the best with nude lips. Smudge gently the line around the eye with the finger for softening the hard edges. Intense mascara defines this look and it is the key to this look, so deck on! And don’t forget your lower lashes.


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  1. zeebaaaaa zeeba zeeba zeeba (like bheera bheera from raavan :P)
    excuse me, i just had to mention this coz that’s how your name registers in my brain whenever i read it 😛
    i personally love dark smokey eyes but haven’t sported them for a long time. this post has tempted me to get all the dark stuff out again. how nice since i got a black eye pencil and kajal just a couple of minutes back! perfect.
    .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

    1. hahahha,,Rima……… Thanks for keeping me in mind..anyhow……..


      Now that you haven’t tried out the dark look..go ahead..and get your dark shade out to the world….:) 🙂

    1. yep jomol i have girly hair. i used to go to the salon to get it flat ironed but now i do it myself at home. i have light hair growth since birth, especially at the top of my head. the ladies who do my hair at salons just won’t stop commenting about how difficult it is for them to flat iron it and why oh why is my hair so scanty blah blah blah blah in this really derogatory, offensive way. it really hurt. i would always leave fuming. so i got myself a flat iron and some heat treatment and started flat ironing my hair at home. why is it not difficult for me, despite the fact that i have to bend my elbows at odd angles??? stupid fussy ladies. huh!!!!
      p.s. – in case you want to know, i use the phillips flat iron

    2. There’s no harm in trying it once again..
      go ahead…

      try try till u succeed girl./.I ‘m sure you’ll look lovely

    1. zeeba i am still to find the perfect smoky eye for myself…in terms of right application
      this article helped

    2. hi far! i’m sorry, i just saw your comment. i use l’oreal’s studio line hot straight heat protectant. i don’t remember the price but it wasn’t TOO expensive. since i don’t have the best hair in the world, this product is a must have for me before using the flat iron.

  2. wow zeeba that was something i was looking for
    i had done my smokey eye makeup at mac and other parlors but never satisfied
    i hope wheni try myself it would come out nice
    thanks a ton for this one …

    1. all the best…hope you succeed at your effort..please let us know…how it turned out to be..the pleasure would be mine to know if it worked for you..:)

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