Soap and Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist Review

Soap and Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist

Hi all,
Soap and glory is a British brand over which I have been obsessing about quite lately. It has a cute name, cute pink and retro inspired packaging which depict soap ads from the fifties. This brand is not easily available in Australia and is available only through some specialist stores and websites. These are obviously overpriced and I do not justify purchasing them. I have been lusting after the brand and so my cousin sent me quite a few products from soap and glory purchased in UK. As it is this brand looks cute and girly. So obviously their gift packs for Christmas looked absolutely drool worthy so when I received some gift sets which contained some of the cult products from this brand, I was more than thrilled. In addition to the cute packaging this brand has lovely names.

Product Description
Scented with a tempting blend of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk. Sensible men have been driven to dizziness by this moisturising scented mist.

Instructions for use
Spritz on all-over post shower for temptingly fragrant, softer, smoother, suppler skin


My Experience with Soap and Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist
This product is available in a 250ml bottle as well as a 100ml bottle. This comes in a white bottle which a spray nozzle and the bottle reminds me of alcohols bottles ( the shape).The neck of the bottle is very narrow and graduates as the bottle which is wider. This mist claims to moisturise skin and also provide a fragrance. Soap and glory has a few fragrances and the most famous one is the typical “pink” fragrance which is also found in this particular mist which is peachy.


The size of the bottle I received, which is travel sized is easy and handy for travel. It is neither too small nor large, just the correct size and weight to throw in to my handbags, and I like that it is in a hard plastic form.

With the fragrance, I totally love it. It is a sweet peachy strawberry fragrance. I don’t know the exact way to describe but it is sweet without being too overpowering. It doesn’t smell artificial at all which pleases me and also there are a lot of products from soap and glory with the same fragrance (This is the soap and glory signature fragrance), layering is not a problem.

The product itself is of a milky colour and is of a thin consistency (like sunscreen sprays) and I rub it in soon after spraying it on my skin. I do this on damp towelled skin just after showering .It spreads easily and does not leave a sticky film. When I started using this product I wasn’t hoping it would replace my moisturiser. What I wanted was a light fragrance and a bit of moisture. This product provides just that.

The very first time I used this mist the fragrance lasted for a long time, at least 5 hours. However, on all subsequent occasions It only lasted for few hours around three the most. The moisturising part is enough for me in summer as my skin is normal without too much dryness. However if it is winter or if you have dry skin this product can only be used as a fragrance spray and not as a moisturising spray.

Pros of Soap and Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist

• Lovely peachy fragrance which is suitable for any season
• The cute packaging of the product and the retro inspired packaging
• Provides adequate moisture for summer days
• Comes in a cute ,hard bottle easy enough to throw it to handbags
• It is multi tasking product because it gives fragrance and also moisturises

Cons of Soap and Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist

• A little bit on the expensive side ,especially if you don’t live in UK
• Not Easily available in all countries
• The bottle can be a bit slippery if used with wet hands right after showering
• The fragrance does not last long and has to be reapplied after couple of hours

Will I repurchase this?
Yes. Even with the Cons I’m impressed with this product and also the brand. I have started to try out some other products also from my presents and can’t wait to review them.

IMBB Rating 4.5/5

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  1. Hey supriya.. I havn’t seen i moisturising body mist yet.. thanks for sharing.. seems like a good one.. me very happy that sephora is opening up in delhi.. and hopefully S&G will be there hurrrayyy 🙂

    1. Wow …Sephora in Delhi…when is that ??….But might be over priced .I saw these in Sephora KL but much more pricier than UK….so didnt buy…. 🙁

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